At Least He Doesn’t Text and Drive

Wonderbutt telling me I better buckle up.


So, here are a few very recent texts from our bulldog, Wonderbutt:

I refuse to buy him the new iPhone.

He can have my old one.


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  1. This is unfair,Wonderbutt! Every good dog should have a new iPhone. I’m pretty sure I’m getting one….

    Love and,licks,

  2. Haha, are you going to get it?! Jason is so sweet and said he will ge the new one and give me his old one…

    • What?!!!! I would protest that! Yes, the Cap’n and I are both way overdue for upgrades, and he got up at 3 AM to pre-order for us! He said it could be a “birthday gift” for me, and I pointed out that it doesn’t count as a gift if he’s getting one for himself, too!

  3. I’d like to know where he’s getting such a cheap iBo- iphone. $200? Get him two!

  4. I dunno, the bigger screen might be better for him.

  5. A techno-savvy bulldog is just wrong…

  6. Meanie! He needs all those new features!

  7. The old phone is stale. It will not taste good. I may call the ASPCA – but then again, Wonderbutt has probably already texted them.

  8. Oh Wonderbutt. Just when I think you are the most patient person since Mother Theresa, your bulldog does something else that helps me realize what a strong human being you are.
    Way to go on the putting down of your foot. Stay strong!

  9. And that’s no bull . . dog. (Sorry, I can’t help myself).

  10. LOL….. too funny. Perhaps you cold give him your old one for a chew toy? hehehe

  11. Too funny! I have an old Blackberry he can have! 😉

  12. Thanks for making me laugh…I really needed it today and you didn’t disappoint!

  13. Dogs these days. They think they need to keep up on all the latest technology and fashions just to be cool. And leave you with the bill…

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