I Have a Hard Time Getting Out of Bed

How You Know Your Anti-Depressant Medication is No Longer Working

You get your driver’s license in the mail and wonder if the photo will be used for your obituary.

You come home to an iPhone 5 package on your doorstep, you bring it inside – and go take a nap.

You realize that you are part of Mitt Romney’s 47%, and not part of the 1%, but also in the 99%. Β And your life is 60% over.

You realize that your hair will never look as good as Mitt Romney’s.

You are upset because Penny Marshall just published a book called, My Mother Was Nuts, which was totally what you planned to do – publish a book about Penny Marshall’s mother. Β 

You look at this face wistfully and wish you could be even half that happy.


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  1. Oh dear – that comment about publishing a book about Penny Marshall’s mother was just hilarious.

  2. Mitt Romney’s hair will never look as good as Donald Trump’s.

  3. I agree, love the comment about a book on Penny Marshall’s mother. I sure hope you get those meds straight soon. πŸ˜‰

  4. Are you okay or is that a stupid question?

  5. cannot understand how you might need anti depressant when you have a wonderful dog like WB…Mrs PIB is older, wiser and calmer but WB is only a pup, he should be making you laugh and keeping you happy..except when eating the sofa or removing concrete flooring..that must have tasted good!

    when you get to my age then you will really know that you are on the downward slippery slope..that’s the time to be worried.

    Until then put your face to the sunshine and let the shadows fall behind……lots of love xxxxx

  6. By the way who the heck is Penny Marshall?

  7. I must need an antidepressant too…my iPhone was delivered and I waited four hours before opening! Thanks for making me laugh this morning!

  8. This post IS my antidepressant! You are hilarious!

  9. I’ll take some of what you’re having.

  10. I wish I could be half as happy as Wonderbutt too! Dog’s really do get all the best of life – days full of fetching, napping, table scraps, and (in Wonderbutt’s case) utter mayhem and destruction to deal with any frustrations or stress. And us silly people go to work all day…. πŸ˜‰

  11. aw. feel better. mitt does have good hair, but it’s the things that come out of his mouth that have me a teensy bit worried…especially the percentages. :o(

  12. I’m sorry you’re feeling so rough. Truly. I’ve been there. It sucks.

  13. usually when I get in a mood like this I let Ginger loose and when she is done I am in a quite different mood… let wonderbutt loose.. hehehehe

  14. Sorry to hear the AD’s are not working. Mine take a vacation from working sometimes. I fell into a funk for two weeks, but then it went away. God knows I’m on enough that they should never take vacation. Here’s to beating the blues! Many hugs and well wishes to you!

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