This is Exactly Why I Hate to Get New Things

So, first of all, yes, I am in the process of switching medications.  I know my last post caused one person people in many countries to be concerned for my well-being.  My doctor says that I can wait a whole month before I see him again, but made me repeat to him twice the proper dosage I should be self-administering.  Which made me question his confidence in me.  Which made me question my confidence in him.

It seems that, when my depression starts taking over, I begin to obsess about how horrible life is – and small obstacles suddenly become monumental examples of why I shouldn’t bother trying to even live.

Perfect example:

I finally opened my iPhone.  Then I was afraid to do anything with it because I was worried that I would ruin it.  I made my husband take me to the store the very next day so I could get all kinds of bullet-proof equipment to protect it from my clumsy self.

I bought one of those “shields” that you put on the screen to keep it from getting scratched or fingerprinted.

Big mistake.

If any of you have tried to put one of those darn films on a phone or tablet, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  You have to be a friggin’ engineer with a medical degree to correctly affix it.

And, surprisingly, I am neither.

After 4 efforts, I finally arranged it so that there is only one air bubble under the film.

One air bubble that I have fixated on for the last 24 hours.

One air bubble that is seriously challenging my will to live.

Because, if I can’t do this right, what’s the point?  What’s the point in trying to have nice things?  Remember that new car I got – and the scratch I put on it the very next day?  Remember the new concrete floors I got, and the scratch they got a couple of weeks later?

Okay, that was my husband’s fault.

Remember that new husband I got (12 years ago), and the way he got me a bulldog named Wonderbutt, and the way this bulldozing wonder of a dog completely re-decorated my house in a way that would not be considered acceptable by any of the hosts of an HGTV show?

Remember when seeing all of those new houses on HGTV totally caused the housing bubble?


…Remember that new medication I started, and the way it helped me blow everything way, way, way, out of proportion?

P.S.  If you want to know how to install a Zagg Shield without having to resort to medicating yourself, John Chow’s video might help you.  As long as you aren’t worried about dowsing your device with fluid…


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  1. Chancy and Mumsy

    Thank you for just re-enforcing my idea that I do not need a fancy expensive phone. If the protectors are that difficult to put on then forget me ever learning to use a phone, tablet or any other modern device. I don’t even get along with laptops. Hugs

  2. Gah, I’m right there with you. I was just thinking the other day how I’d like to have a new, larger, more family friendly vehicle. But then I realized that I have the last new, larger, more family friendly vehicle in the driveway and I still owe a year on it, can’t POSSIBLY afford another car payment, and can’t possibly trade it in for the remaining amount due on the note because of all of the crap that has happened to it!

    We just can’t have nice things!

    Hang in there! 🙂 I’m holding out for when my children move out. Then I can have nice things again. And NOT eat on paper plates and Corelware all the time.

  3. I take my hat off to you – I struggled with air bubbles for about 20 minutes, then I decided fingerprints were much easier to deal with!

  4. Too bad you can’t pay that guy $10 to put yours on. Or his daughter…

  5. OMG – you sound exactly like my son, Ming! An air bubble would put him into an institution!

  6. Deep breath. Maybe while Wonderbutt is texting, his nail will pop the bubble and all will be well. One must hold on to hope.

  7. You are braver than I. When I had an e-reader, I looked into a protective shield thingy. And when I saw the how-to video, I changed my mind.

  8. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Are fingerprints bad? Huh? What?

  9. I think a Bubble Phone sounds like an interesting product.

  10. I’m sorry about the meds, it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun right now. 😦 And yes, my iPhone shield drove me up the wall too. Right now I have 2 (2!!!) bubbles on my screen and they kind of drive me crazy…

  11. oh dear you do sound poorly..I hope that uyou will soon get your medication sorted out and then you will be your old self again

    as for air bubbles pierce them with a pin

  12. Air bubbles… argh! I spent about half an hour getting the protective film on my last phone so there weren’t any bubbles. This time when I got a new phone, I just left the original film on (you know, the one that says “remove before use”?)

    What could possibly go wrong? *phone explodes*

  13. this post made me snort. hilarious. hubby had to do my shield. he totally did not trust me to do it. and, i must say, i did not trust myself (after i couldn’t open the package it came in. doh.).

  14. I never get one of those shields purely because I can’t put them on without causing air bubbles. It just is impossible for me. Feel better, and I hope your medication kicks in soon.

  15. I can empathize… It took me about 2 hours to muster up the courage to turn my iPhone on, after I received it…

  16. While your depression is not something to laugh at…I laughed. I’m sorry. But this one made me snort coffee out my nose.

  17. Sherman sends a hug and a sloppy kiss. Hoping you feel better soon. Our perfectionism is such a nasty thing to do to ourselves.

    Those overlay dealies belong in the third level of hell.

  18. Oh, you got me laughing hard this time! I’m such a geek, married to the ultimate Apple Geek, nicknamed iDJ for a reason. My first iPhone was the first generation, now I have the second, both used and abused by Himself first, so who cares what I can do? He beat it up already. My iPad however… MINE!!! It’s over a year old and the screen is pristine, because He’s not even allowed to upgrade the OS until I think it is safe.

    I never wanted or asked for an i-anything, but I’m a convert now. He bet the shite (say that with a brogue) out of his phones and they are still great. Just don’t let Wonderbutt chaw (say that with a southrin accent) on it…

  19. um….. yeah… that is what happens in my life all the time too……huh.. thought it only happened to me…. I feel better now…. sigh…..

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