Signs of Not So Intelligent Life

Cap’n Firepants:  We need to get these Wonderbutt spots out of the office carpet.

Me:  O.K.  Let me just get our handy Missile Dot Blot Machine, especially designed for Wonderbutt the Bulldog stains.

Cap’n Firepants:  Why do you always use the hose part?  Aren’t we supposed to be able to just put it on the spot, hit a button, and it cleans it by itself?

Me:  We tried that on the living room, and it made it look worse.  Remember?  The whole reason we got the stained concrete floors?

Cap’n Firepants:  Nope.  Let’s try it again.

Me:  O.K.


Carpet Crop Circles

Our resident Alien poses by his latest design.

Now we just need to position our Missile Dot Blot Machine on every square inch of the floor in our office, and it will be perfect.


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  1. Chancy and Mumsy

    Huh, oh! Looks like that might take a little time to cover every inch. Maybe sweet Wonderbutt has a better idea. Have a great weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. I’d give up and just buy a magic marker and play a game of “connect the dots.”

  3. A few more and you could play Twister.

  4. I should send you a picture of what the carpet looks like in my mom’s house cause of my cat.

  5. that’s the way to do it! WB looks a bit puzzled..wonder why?

  6. That was naughty, WonderButt!

    Love and licks,

  7. Just spill a little coffee in those crop circles, and they’ll match the rest of the carpet. This is why we don’t let anything in our house get TOO clean. We want the dirt to match.

  8. It’s Frosty! All you need is a corn cob pipe, a button nose and two eyes made out of coal!

  9. Take thyself to HEB and get a big carpet cleaner, or get stained concrete in the office too.

  10. I think you need two more circles and it can be the olympic ring.

  11. He looks mighty proud of his spots!!!

  12. ah. the joys of pets…and small children pre-potty training. i will refer back to this post when i really want another dog.

  13. Could you not just pursuade wonderbutt to lie over the area? If not sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend BOL

  14. That sounds terribly familiar!
    “Didn’t that not work last time?”
    “I don’t know. Let’s try it!”

    Wonderbutt looks pleased with his handywork though. 😉

  15. You could just put the machine in evenly spaced spots like that all across the carpet and ppl will think it is a design….

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