You Look Insensitive

I am frazzled.

I know this because, in the last two weeks, at least three different people have commented to me, in passing, “You look frazzled.”

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why I would appear this way to casual acquaintances.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that: my old anti-depressant recently became as useful as a Tic-Tac, my new anti-depressant has increased my desire to thrash anyone who does anything irritating, everyone but me does things that are irritating, and my inefficient colon has suddenly become overly efficient.

I am pretty sure it has everything to do with people telling me, “You look frazzled.”

Once someone tells you that you look frazzled, it’s pretty certain that, no matter how relaxed you were two seconds before that declaration, you will then feel frazzled.  And, if you were already frazzled, then you are guaranteed to feel frazzled and somewhat inclined to hurt someone.

At least, this has been my experience.

So, could you please do the frazzled people in this world a favor, and maybe keep that delightful observation to yourself?  If you must say something, perhaps you could try commenting, “You look amazingly hale and hearty today!  When you have a moment, you must give me your secret for always looking so invigorated!”

Luckily, we frazzled people are too busy to analyze confusing compliments too closely.

Do you really think it’s a good idea to tell me I look frazzled?  While you’re standing this close to me?
photo credit: bullcitydogs via photopin cc

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  1. I always freak out when people tell me that I look a different emotion than I feel. I freak out more when they get it right.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! A friend said to me the other day – “you seem much less highly strung than usual” – I am still trying to figure that comment out!

  3. If they don’t follow it up with a kind ear or an offer of sympahy/help. screw em.

    And you sound fine from here.

  4. I feel ya. And when you actually do need comforting, no one seems notice. What gives?

    • I think they notice my need for comforting (at least in my situation.) I’m pretty vocal about it. They just don’t know how to comfort me, I think. It probably has a bit to do with the fact that I bite their heads off whenever they try to say something…

  5. In situations like this I always fall back on Seinfeld. “You are so good looking” seems to work for any and all occasions. 🙂

    • At the very least, pick something that looks good. “Hey, that one hair next to your right ear is curled exactly the right way. You should do that more often.” Even that’s better than, “You look frazzled.”

  6. how about looking dazzled instead..that is a good word, meaning bright and sparkly like a little diamind in the night sky…..Its a funny word ‘frazzled’, is there such a word ( must look it up) but it is a strange way to describe someone and as you say it does not perk you up in any way….so try my dazzled instead…a star shining bright.

    I do hope that you will get sorted out soon.

  7. I am sure you look lovely!

  8. Ugh, right on! The surest way to get me in a bad mood is to ask why I am in a bad mood.

  9. You sound frazzled. Ha. Ha. Just kidding. Don’t hit me!

  10. I’m glad that your irritation is reserved for other people now. That sounds like progress to me.

    Hope things level out for you soon. Working out new meds is never, ever fun.

  11. hahahaha! you look fabulous on your blog. ;o)

  12. I can totally relate! I had a bunch of students today who asked me why I was cranky. I was not cranky at all, in fact, I was in a good mood. I guess I wasn’t “showing” it on my face or something. Geez. It kind of made me a little cranky!

  13. Such a kind and heartwarming compliment to offer. Can you sick Wonderbutt on these people? Even if all he does is drool and fart on them, it’d be awesome!!
    Hugs to you, lady!

  14. Couldn’t agree more! For some reason, even when I’m truly incredibly frazzled, I always have a knee jerk response of “Oh, I do? That’s weird!” People must think I’m so self-unaware…

  15. Ginger says carry some shaving cream with you and when ppl say this turn away and spray it on your face around your mouth and turn back and just scream….. that will teach them…..

  16. Frazzled is an opinion based on an assumption. They have no way of knowing you didn’t just do a marathon or return from jumping with a parachute, etc. I guess my point is, it is NONE of their business to go commenting on appearance unless it is a compliment. Was once told that anything others say is a reflection of themselves. So true. I would never say that to anyone but a very close person/relative I was trying to comfort and encourage them to sit down while I make them a nice cup of tea. People are (generalizing, I know, I know) in need of Emily Post everywhere these days I find. Being prepared with a polite Thank you for sharing your opinion (no matter their negative comment) and looking them in the eye when I say it is usually enough that it doesn’t happen again. At least not to me, lol.

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