I Think My Bulldog is a Jehovah’s Witness

Wonderbutt is not always this laid back:

Even though October is his birthday month, he always seems a bit cranky when it rolls around.  He is really offended by the events of October 31st, when people actually have the gall to ring our doorbell every two minutes.  And, now he seems to be just as peeved by the simple holiday decorating that my daughter, Dimples, has tried to put up around the house.

This could quite possibly have something to do with the fact that the jack-o-lantern happens to be occupying a spot usually reserved for lizards on our window.  Wonderbutt decided to use his usual ferocious lizard intimidation technique on the gel cling.  The poor pumpkin reacted pretty much the same way the lizards do…

I guess Halloween could offend his religious convictions.  That could also explain his attempts to eat our Christmas decorations.  Although I’m not quite sure what religion would support his attempted kidnapping of the Baby Jesus from his manger.

I’m thinking he’s just worried that we might decide to thoroughly humiliate him like these poor guys:

image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/istolethetv/1796736022/
for more crazy dog costumes, click here

But, he doesn’t have to worry about us dressing him up.  He already looks scary.

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  1. I have been reading from my cell phone for so long, I think I’ve missed the boat…Great format!

  2. There’s something about Jesus. Mom glued ours into the manger and glued the manger to the stable, so I couldn’t take it anymore. Killjoy!

    Love and licks,

  3. I do not think WB would appreciate it one bit being dressed up like that….it degrading to dogs and WB is great enough as he is. His has a tickly tummy covered in brown puppy spots..that is so cute

  4. Is that a bone shaped mark that Wonderbutt has on his back?? That’s ace I wish I had one!

    • Strangely, it used to look like a dolphin, then morphed into a dumbbell. I had to have someone point out to me that it looked like a bone. I’m a bit dense.

      • I wonder what it will morph into next, maybe a whole bowl of dog food?? Your not dense just obviously on a higher intelligent level than those of us who fixated on a bone BOL!

  5. Love the gel cling. Just hope he doesn’t figure out a way to reach that. It surely won’t be pretty all over your sofa.

  6. Does he take issue with Thanksgiving too? Actually I could see him being very happy with all the food lying around for that particular holiday… Perhaps he doesn’t realize that Halloween means candy! And he’s certainly a terrifying dog! 😉

    • We boarded him last Thanksgiving, so I am not sure about his attitude toward that particular holiday. We are hosting this year, so I have a feeling we have some Wonderbutt stories to tell.

  7. I’d have to forgive Wonderbutt if he thought he was going to be dressed up like that, but costumes or not, I laugh every time I see a pug dog. I blame Men In Black.

  8. I think I might have to dress up as Wonderbutt for our costume contest.

  9. oh my gawd. i now really WANT a bulldog so i could dress him up in those god awful costumes. those are so hideous they’re cute.

  10. I don’t think he looks scary. I think he’s given up all hope that you ever WILL dress him up to attract the fairer sex. 🙂

  11. I fear for the poor little pumpkin cling on! Hope Wonderbutt doesn’t get it!

  12. You should dress up Jesus in the manger like the two bulldogs and see what kind of reaction that gets!

  13. Miranda Gargasz

    I am so glad to see that Wonderbutt and I have the same freckle problem! Nothing like a little Texas solidarity!

  14. Kidnap Baby Jesus? Ginger says lets do it and hold him for ransom and contact the church! 🙂

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