October’s Dead Rubber Post

Somehow I missed posting one of these in September.  So, I think that means I can post two this month.  Since I make up the rules, who’s going to stop me?

“Dead Rubber”, by the way, is slang for “boring”.  So, I hope you weren’t thinking this was going to be something else…

The Cap’n and I are in the middle of doing some more Home Improving. Coincidentally, we are also in the middle of debating whether or not we are actually Improving or Worsening.  I will let you be the judge (Keep in mind that these are not Before and After pics.  They are Before and Part of the Way Through pics.  Actually, now that I think about it, since the blue walls were the result of our first Home Improving when we moved in, then they are actually Part of the Way Through pics, too.  So, this series is, “Part of the Way Through and We’re Never Going to Be Finished Because We Keep Changing Our Minds” pics):

The way the walls have looked for 3 years – Photo 1.


The way the walls have looked for three years – Photo 2. Except for the drywall patch; that’s where our 70’s looking intercom system used to be.


The way the walls look now – Photo 1.


The way the walls look now – Photo 2.  (Still working on the drywall patch…)


We are still not done.  I’ll try to give you a panoramic view of the kitchen once we finish.  But that may be another 10 years or so…






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  1. Your dead rubber posts are NEVER boring!

  2. This wasn’t boring, so I think you can still post 2 dead rubber posts this month. Kudos for not posting one in September! I like the paint color. My in-laws almost painted their dining room that color but decided it was too dark. I liked it, though.

    You had an intercom system?

    • Yes, an antiquated one remained in the house when we moved in. It did not work, particularly after I accidentally ripped it out of the wall when I was painting the first time, and was a complete eyesore.

  3. INTERCOM SYSTEM??? and you took it out??? we really want a 70’s intercom system over here. (or i guess a 90’s one if we are picking and choosing.) did it work? and, i like that mocha/type/looking color on the walls. what color is that?

  4. Love the color. I will always go warm color over cool color. Nice!

    • I don’t know what I was thinking with that blue a few years ago. That’s what happens when I look at too many Pottery Barn catalogues. And I forget that nothing in my house actually comes from Pottery Barn.

  5. Poor rubber being called boring. As if being dead wasn’t enough.

    And using a step stool as a central piece of furniture is brazen!

  6. Oh, it looks nice! Over four months on the couch already? Congrats!

    • Yes, but we are hosting a small party at our house in two weeks, so I am pretty certain there will be a break in the trend quite soon.

      • becomingcliche

        By then it’s not technically a new couch anymore, though, right?

        • whatimeant2say

          As long as there are no teeth marks in it, there is no stuffing protruding from the cushions, then I’m afraid it’s considered new in our house. It might as well have a big red target painted on it.

  7. I love kitchen “nooks” (? I don’t know what they’re really called). Good luck with it 😉

  8. And to think I could have had an intercom system all this time instead of yelling at my kids from downstairs. I need to look into that.

    Looking forward to more kitchen posts. I love renovation projects when they’re not mine.

  9. Definitely improving, not worsening…although I can’t believe you took out the intercom system – is it too late to put it back?!

  10. Keep up the hard work!! Looking lovely!

  11. I like it!! Very bright and cheery. 🙂

  12. Way to drag on the suspense!
    Of course, now that we need to know, you’ve locked in at least some of your readership for at least 10 years…

    • Hmm. I wonder if that is a possibility. I guess I need to add some drama to the story every once in awhile. “Oh, no, Wonderbutt sat in the paint pan! I guess it will be another year before we get the second coat on…”

  13. Then there’s still hope for us. We’re mid-reno…actually we’re pre mid-reno. Okay. If you put it in percentages, we’re at 5 percent. Maybe six if the light’s coming from the right direction. 😉

  14. Looking great!! I’m currently remodeling our bathroom…removed old flooring, installed new, fixed the leak in the toilet (plumbing work isn’t fun), painted, installing a new sink/vanity – all of the regular remodel stuff. This kind of thing is really a love/hate deal. Some days I love the work, other days I hate it. No in-between here! Next I’m taking on our hallway which needs a lot of work on the walls & will put down new flooring there too, then painting two bedrooms and then installing new flooring in our dining room. Taking on this work mostly alone. My Mom helps when she can but she’s almost 70 so that’s not a lot. Hard work but the pay off at the end is worth it. Have a great day!

  15. Looking good! I would love a 2012 version of the intercom for my house instead of yelling for the kids. I am pretty sure they would still ignore me though…

  16. Dead rubber post – lol! I am going to have to use that phrase in a sentence soon! 🙂

  17. Dead Rubber Post? Heck your dead rubber posts are better than most of what thr rest of us write daily!!!

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