Warning: Dog Beds May Be on the Verge of Extinction

I feel like I’ve been watching one of those nature videos during this last week.  You know, the ones where they show the sped up footage of the decomposition of a dead animal?  Except the object decomposing was not a dead animal.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the object was entirely composed of inorganic material.  And I am somewhat doubtful that dog beds were meant to be included in the Circle of Life.

I mentioned a few days ago that Wonderbutt had taken over Mrs. P.I.B.’s new dog bed.  Even though he already has three of his own.  And I also exhibited a few pieces of evidence of his determination to mark his territory by defacing it.

So, here was the original bed with Mrs. P.I.B. comfortably esconced:

And then Wonderbutt established his Domination of the Bedding:

But, Wonderbutt is apparently a Cut-Off-Your-Nose-to-Spite-Your-Face kind of dog.  Perhaps because he has very little nose on his squished in face to begin with. Anyhow, he was not satisified with the message he had conveyed, so he took it a bit further.

And he gave me his signature “raspberry” to show that he was quite proud of his work.

But, later on, Cap’n Firepants caught him unawares, and I think poor Wonderbutt may have been regretting his evisceration of the bed:

Or, he could just be contemplating his next victim.  It’s difficult to tell with Wonderbutt…

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  1. That is one destructive puppy.

  2. WonderButt…this is for you….STOP CHEWING ITEMS OF FURNITURE…even Mrs PIB bed is furniture to her…go find a bit of wood, ……but not chair or table legs….you are being a very naughty boy and Father Christmaas will not visit naughty boys

  3. Yup. That last picture looks like he really regrets the hasty decision he made to eat the most comfy parts of his potentially new (stolen) bed.

  4. lol contemplating his next victim dog bed that was great

  5. Inscrutable Wonderbutt. It’s a wonder no one’s bitten his butt. 😉

  6. Bad Wonderbutt! Oh, my. He certainly had some frustrations to work through, didn’t he?

  7. Wow! Ginger cheered when she saw this! I am sure glad they dont get a chance to unite… it would be mayhem and destruction for sure!

  8. WB strikes again!! Does Mrs. P.I.B. seem sad about her bed? Cobalt has a penchant for chewing cardboard – it’s everywhere! I don’t know if that’s worse than cleaning up bedding fluff…

  9. Maybe you should just upholster a large slab of granite for him to sleep on. He can’t chew through granite, right? Right?!?

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