What Did You Think Teachers Do In Their Spare Time?

So, just when I thought that my life had become devoid of any mirth, I ran across this on an educational website:

(Sorry, it’s so small.  That’s the only way it would show in totality using this blog theme.  Click on it if you are having trouble reading it.)

I think what completely sent me over the edge was the offer to host a custom pubic event for my colleagues.

I just started working at a new school this year.  I don’t think I know my colleagues well enough to send out invitations to that kind of event.

I’m glad I took a screen shot, because the evidence was gone today.  I’d like to know how that conversation went down at the Education Sector…

Now I can’t even look at this without giggling.
photo credit: superkimbo via photopin cc


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  1. Yeah, I think people need to learn that anytime you write or type the word public, you better double-check it. But look at the bright side, it’s a way to get real cozy with your new colleagues.

  2. Is this a new way of advertising design your own (customised) vajazzling? Has anyone told Jennifer Love Hewitt?

  3. I can’t take this seriously at all.

  4. It sounds a little racy and awkward, but who knows? If you’re colleagues are into that kind of thing… 😉

  5. *Snork!* I’ve run across that typo before, and it makes me chortle every time. And the pink-and-blue diagram is the icing on the cake. 🙂

  6. Something tells me a “pubic event” would be a little hairy. *snicker*

  7. um….. er…… ah….. pubic?…. er.. no comment…. LOL

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