Please Don’t Tell Her About the Other Version

If the four sisters in Little Women suddenly received a telegram announcing that they were really witches with secret powers, and their father needed their help fighting zombies in the Civil War, my daughter might have been a bit more interested when I proposed reading the book to her.  As it was, though, she looked at me quite doubtfully when I told her that one of my favorite childhood classics is about “four sweet girls who lived a long time ago – before Facebook”.

As I pointed out, however, she had chosen the last couple of bedtime books, and it was my turn.  “Just give it a try,” I said. “If you don’t like it after the first three chapters, we can pick something else.”

So, she settled in, and listened to this completely unbelievable tale of girls who endlessly lose or soil the gloves that they must wear to parties, and who think of pickled limes as the ultimate luxury.

As I read, I began to yearn, as I always do, for simpler times – times when receiving a pair of slippers at Christmas as one’s only gift was cause for great exuberance, and youngsters spent afternoons innocently picnicking and playing games like “Authors” instead of sexting each other or congregating at the shopping mall.

Last night, we read the chapter in Little Women called “Castles in the Air”, wherein each of the characters describes her dreams for the future.  At the end, I closed the book, and asked Dimples about her castle in the air.  As is usually the case when I ask such illogically sentimental questions of my 9-going-on-10 daughter, she just shrugged and said, “I don’t know.”

“What do you think mine is?” I asked, wondering if she was perceptive enough to realize that, like Jo, I have always wanted to be a published author, and probably wouldn’t mind being rich and famous to boot – with a castle on the beach instead of in the clouds.

“Here.” She waved around the room.  “With me.”

In an instant, a wave swallowed my beach castle, and I said, “You’re right!  As long as I’m with you, I am in my castle.”

“And you’ll always be in mine,” she replied, giving me an unexpected hug and nearly reducing me to tears.

“Christopher Columbus!” I thought, still in Jo March mode.  “This book is actually rubbing off on her!”

Of course, once we get to the part where sweet little Beth dies, she’s going to kick me out of the castle and never let me choose a book again, so I guess I better draw this out as long as I can.

Dimples may be somewhat unsentimental, but she only tolerates novels in which the villains meet untimely deaths.

This is so wrong.

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  1. Could you not be like Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter – have two castles which have and inter-connecting door (or under-ground tunnel)…?


    …am I missing the point e n t i r e l y ? ! ?

  2. Little Women has been tampered with??? Oh no!! I really tried to like “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”, but reading it felt like more of a gimmick than a creative re-imagining. I just can’t get behind the trend. I love the idea of you reading the original version with your daughter. i remember my mom reading the story to me. It was one of my childhood favorites!

  3. That is great that she liked the book so much.

  4. Sweet! Both your castles are worthy choices. Are you allowed to have two, or six, or a hundred??

  5. I love Little Women (and Little Men and Jo’s Boys) and I LOVE how Jo ends up with the professor 😀 I do have to skip Beth’s death, though. It is too sad.

    I read Little Women and Werewolves. It was grotesque.

  6. Awwww, how sweet! What a good girl you have!

  7. Aww, Dimples! That would have melted me. Love Little Women and hope my kids like it someday, too!

  8. I take it that Dimples has not yet reached her teen just wait,,,,so make the most of all the cuddles and hugs as once you have a daughter nearing teens they(hugsetc) are in very short supply

  9. Reading Little Women with a pre-teenage girl is a great idea! I’m adding that to the Camp Grandma Activity list.
    Keep us posted on how it goes. 😉

  10. oh my. you nearly brought my steel heart to tears. so, she’s liking it, huh? i tried for months to get girl 1 to read annie of green gables. she was like, “dumb.” then her teacher suggested it and she came home and said, “I LOVE THIS BOOK CALLED ANNIE OF GREEN GABLES.” so, maybe i’ll get teacher to suggest little women? anyway, you two made my heart smile today. 😀

  11. Oh wow, this made me tear up too! You’ve got an awesome little girl there. And I think she’s right, books have to end with the villian getting their comeuppance.

  12. Ginger wants to know where she can get a copy of LITTLE WOMEN AND WEREWOLVES!!!! She is rooting on the Werewolves….

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