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It's okay, Wonderbutt.  I won't tell Guap you ate his cake.  And his present.

It’s okay, Wonderbutt. I won’t tell Guap you ate his cake. And his present.

Some of you may know the notorious El Guapo (which my computer wants to spell as “guano”), and revel in his Friday Foolishness posts.  Well, today is his birthday, and a group of us who have run out of other blogging topics decided that we might as well wish him Happy Birthday.  Trust me, it’s better than the post I was planning to do on the three ants in my class ant farm who refuse to die.

So, Happy Birthday to you, El Guapo!  May you have many, many more Foolish Fridays!

In honor of you, Guap, today’s song is “Not Dead Yet” from Spamalot.

And, no tribute to El Guapo is complete without a poll:


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  1. I’ve never understood why anyone wants to scan a cat.

  2. Poor Wonderbutt. No very handsome cake for you.

  3. I voted for the N Korea trip.
    It will be a good warm up trip before we get into the really dangerous stuff.

    Love the song, and thanks so much, wim2s! Getting to know people as cool as you is the only reason to be on a blog!
    (I’d say more, but WB just ate my keyboard. )

  4. Aww, he wanted to help! Guap is right. We all need to vacation together. That would be primeaux!

    Happy birthday, Guapotrip!

  5. I don’t think Wonderbutt likes sharing the spotlight, does he?!?

  6. Skydiving, in scuba suits, and landing in shark-infested waters off the coast of North Korea? I’m having second thoughts…

  7. I am intrigued by this Guapo – I will have to venture to his blog!
    With the three remaining ants – just step on them (accidentally).

  8. Gotta love the opening pic to celebrate the occasion.

  9. Why are you trying to kill your ants? *confused ears* it makes you sound like you buy them to torture which is a little mean!! Happy birthday wonderbutt – I look forward to the skydive!!

    P.s typist would like to share that allt he bestest people in the whole world are born in december!

    • I’m not actually trying to kill the ants. I just keep thinking that they are all dead, but when I go to clean out the ant farm, I realize there are still some hangers-on. One of my students told me the other day that I am “the best ant taker carer in the world”. Finally, I have something to put on my tombstone.

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