These Pictures are Copyrighted, So Please Do Not Steal Them to Put on Your Own Holiday Cards. You Know You Want To.

Something tells me that some of you might need a pick-me-up today, so I decided to spare you the riveting post that I originally planned that gave intriguing details about my unfortunate habit of dropping the floss container daily, causing the inner contents to fly across the room, forcing me to comb the territory of our bedroom/bathroom until I find it, and then taxing my already weakened mental capacity as I attempt to force the contents back in while Cap’n Firepants calmly opens his bathroom cabinet and begins to use his own floss that has never been dropped or taken adventurous trips to the land beneath our bed.  At least he thinks it hasn’t.  It’s quite possible that someone switched the jinxed floss container with the pristine one in his cabinet.  But I can’t imagine who would do a passive-aggressive thing like that.

Instead of that electrifying story, I decided to regale you with some pics from my latest photo session of the Butts – formally known as Wonderbutt and Mrs. Pain in the Butt.  I had some vague notion that I might be able to use the photos for a family Christmas card.  But this is becoming more and more unlikely as other priorities, such as repairing Wonderbutt’s latest damage to my winter coat, keep getting in the way.

I would like to preface this display by stating, although Wonderbutt went to Puppy Kindergarten and learned very well how to “Sit” when so requested, he never learned how to “Stay Sitting Long Enough for Me to Take a Good Picture”, so our photo sessions sound like this, “Sit.  Good dog, Wonderbutt.  Good dog, Mrs. P.I.B.  No, stay sitting, Wonderbutt.  Sit.  SiT!  SIT!  No, do not come over here and try to eat the camera!  Good dog, Mrs. P.I.B.  Come back over here by Mrs. P.I.B., Wonderbutt.  Do not eat her collar.  Sit.  Good.  I’m backing up slowly now.  Stay sitting.  S-T-A-Y sitting.  Good.  I’m slowly moving the camera.  Sit.  Good.  #@!$%!  Wonderbutt.  Where the #$!! are you going?…”  So on, and so forth.  I think you get the idea.

(The first pic below is actually a slide show of pics.  Just roll your mouse over it, and you will see several other pics – or you can click on the arrows to advance through.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, lastly - a not too horrible pic of Wonderbutt looking less thuggish than usual.

And, lastly – a not too horrible pic of Wonderbutt looking less thuggish than usual.

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  1. Yep, needed that. thanks 8)

  2. I love WB’s collar! And Mrs. P.I.B. is hilarious with her little tongue sticking out! Great timing for some sweet puppy photos, thanks. 🙂
    Cobalt’s floppy ears are FINALLY starting to come up so one or the other stand up awkwardly now and again – I need to capture it on camera.

  3. Move over, Heidi Klum! These 2 supermodels are moving in on your turf!

  4. The 2 of them together is just too cute.
    Doggy usually stays sitting for a good time, unless I wanna take a pic, when he sees the cellphone or camera he doesn’t stop moving. I’ve given up and now only take pics when he’s sleeping.

    • I have to turn the camera on in the back of the house, because Wonderbutt leaps up as soon as he hears its signature click. He could be in a deep sleep and still launch himself at me at the sound of the camera starting.

  5. Yeah…I totally want to steal these pics. Something to scare with little kiddies with come Christmas Eve.

  6. Look at you using fancy slideshow technology from the future.

  7. Cute dogs. I love the tongue picture.

    • I seriously missed that while I was taking the picture. I was so focused on keeping Wonderbutt seated, I just assumed Mrs. P.I.B. was behaving. Apparently, I’m not the only passive aggressive one in the family.

  8. You are SUCH a techno chick…

    And, I have also recently started dropping things. LM assures me it is a sign my eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be, but I imagine far more dire diagnoses…

  9. Beautiful Butts!
    Have you considered getting plaster castings made of them for photo situations?
    Umm…no..of..of course you should let them out of the casts after…

  10. We’re back!!! Sorry about not visiting for a while, our lives turned upside down for a while… but we laughed about the floss… LOL… the pictures are wonderful! 🙂 Now to make sure I dont send you a Christmas card with their picture on it… er..umm…… oh just blame it on Ginger… heheheh
    God Bless You!
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  11. You and your wonderful crew have a super holiday. I think they sat really nice for the picture. BOL Best of holidays to you all. – DogDaz

  12. I have four cats and always use a photo for my Christmas card. But it is always the same cat. I’ve got one who likes to pose, and three that run the other way.

  13. what’s this about WB eating your coat….if it was real fur then it deserves to be eaten, but not many people , normal people would have real fur.
    I am amazed that your tree is still in one piece, those dangly bits are kjust the right height for WB…not the anything being inaccessable would stop him…
    are we still waiting for a christmas picture of Mrs PIB…….

    love to you all and have a HAPPY christmas

    • WB chomped on my fake shearling coat – no real fur. He managed to destroy one of the large buttons, which means I will have to look for 5 large buttons, since I will never find one that matches the other 4.

      Mrs. P.I.B. is in the slide show up above. In one picture, she is even sticking her tongue out!

  14. sorry for mistakes I am writing this laying in bed at 6.30am

  15. I think you got brilliant photographs, although I can picture the scene, trying to get them, perfectly.

  16. Oh that first photograph belongs on the front cover of a magazine – it’s fantastic!

  17. I LOVE Mrs. PIB sticking out her tongue! These photos are awesome.

  18. How did you ever get those two rapscallions to stand still for the photo??? Love them all! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag)

    What great pictures. They were so good to sit in front of the tree to have pictures taken. Hugs and nose kisses

  20. It’s like getting my kids to sit still for our Christmas photo every year. One year I did a series on FB of all the terrible shots I got and it was hilarious. My daughter made about 20 hilarious faces in a row. I really was so mad at the time, but strung together they cracked me up. I imagine Mrs. P.I.B. felt a bit like my son did at that time, mad and ready to get it over with. Finally, they just gave in too I guess and who can blame them?

    • Really, the posed pictures are kind of boring. I might take a cue from you next time, and just keep shooting. Although that is a bit difficult when Wonderbutt launches himself at my crotch.

  21. I showed the pictures to the kids and laughed and laughed at Wonderbutt in all the pictures. Now they want a dog… “just like the funny one in the pictures!!”.

  22. stunning. it makes me – again – wish we had pets so that my cards would be easier.

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