I don’t know what I’m doing. I am a very techie person, but I usually don’t reblog my own posts. I tried to “Copy a Post”, and I kept getting a new post page, which was blank so I didn’t really think it was worth copying. Anyway, I think I only have 3 followers left who were with me the first time I posted this, and I am having a bit of difficulty being humorous at the moment. Oh, and just so you parents of little ones know, once THEY know, the pressure around this time of year is not reduced – just more directly inflicted. I suppose I could keep typing, and make this reblog completely unnecessary because you will have lost interest – kind of like filibustering my own blog – but I apparently have to hit the “Reblog Post” button for anything to happen. So, I guess I’ll do that now. Enjoy…


Sometimes my daughter can be extremely smart and devastatingly dense at the same time.  Her Santa Claus reveal is a perfect example.

A few years ago, when Dimples was 6, she started making little comments that hinted at her suspicions of Santa’s true identity.  One night close to Christmas, Cap’n Firepants had to work late.  Dimples and I were eating dinner, and she suddenly blurted out, “Mom, are you Santa Claus?”

Dimples has always been a pretty logical person.  I could have dodged the question, feeling quite comfortable in saying “no” because I actually am not Santa Claus.  I’m Mrs. Cap’n Firepants, and that’s burden enough.  But I knew what she was asking, and I decided to honor the spirit of her question.

“Do you really want to know?” I asked.  Because there is no going back once that question gets an honest answer.  Step over that line and part…

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  1. glad I am not the only one who does daft things.
    When my daughter was small she used to get a letter from Santa and the elves( written by me) and she truly believed until she was about 13…then dreams were shattered by her school mates! Sad really

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