A Note on the Previous Post (Read This First if You Haven’t Already Read the Other One – Or Not. I Apparently Have No Control Over You.

So, I thought that when I was invited to add a comment to my “Reblog” that my words of wisdom would appear before the reblog, not after.  It kind of defeats the purpose for me to ramble on after you’ve already read the reblog.  But it’s too late now, unless I delete the reblog.  But then I would have to delete this.  And that is entirely too much of my afternoon wasted – a whole ten minutes – so, I will let you figure this whole thing out on your own.

Aren’t you glad I only post every other day now?  Imagine the craziness if I did this every 24 hours…


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  1. Reblogging is a pain sometimes.

  2. Not really – I kinda’ looked forward to my daily episodes of the WIM2S Files…

  3. I only hope a post every 48 hours is enough to relieve the pressure so you don’t take it out on WB.
    (Honestly, I’m not sure who would win that battle…) 😉

  4. I am in more of a muddle now than I was before ..whenever you post is ok by me..it’s always interesting to read…even when it don’t make sense!

  5. I have not figured out the changes to Reblog. I remain confused, as well.

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