How to Give Yourself a Black Eye and Other Important Fashion Tips

Just in case my last post did not lead you to the obvious conclusion that mustaches are “in”, allow me to assure you that this is, indeed, a fashion trend that has caught on fire – at least among the tween girls of the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas.  If you are a tween boy, it is less chic, but completely acceptable to sport a handlebar if you happen to be in the company of tween girls.

It is quite possible that just about every picture that I have taken of my daughter in the last 6 months has portrayed her wearing a mustache.  Of course, I cannot verify this information, as my computer crashed last weekend and I do not have any pictures that I have taken of my daughter in the last 6 months.  So, Fashion Tip #1 is:  “Do not let your mother be the only one in possession of your mustache pictures.”

In other news:

In the interest of trying to eke some fashionable outfits of the items that are already hanging in my closet (and trying to procrastinate mourning over my dead hard drive), I decided to clean out the aforementioned wardrobe repository so that I could actually find garments that are suitable for this year’s season.  Although I did not find any mustache-embellished blouses, I did find several frocks that I had neglected until now, and would certainly be acceptably modish if worn by a fashion model in a catalogue.  Unfortunately, they will be draping my figure, instead, but such is the fate of clothing bought off the rack in discount stores.

I also found some distinctly unsatisfactory pieces that, frankly, I am pretty convinced some Pompous Pixie of Personal Attire stuffed into my closet so she could laugh heartily if I ever dared to wear them in public.  Those quickly got thrown in the Clothing Donation pile.

The result of this afternoon of closet cleaning was that my clothes now have room on the poles, and are no longer tightly clinging to hangers in clumps that I cannot slide along the poles.

Which leads me to my black eye.

I was grabbing a fashionable fuschia sweater off a hanger, rushing to chauffeur my daughter to yet another practice, this afternoon.  In my old closet, the hanger would have been forcibly held back by its two neighbors while the sweater would likely have ripped and then raced toward me like a sailor who’s just gotten off a 10 month tour.

However, in the new, improved closet, the hanger reeled back, and with no restraints whatsoever from its companions, let ‘er rip quite forcibly into my right eye.  Kind of like the way the wife of the sailor who was running toward his lover would probably have delivered justice to the hussy  sneaking around with her man.

So, Fashion Tip #2:  Do not clean out your closet.  And if you do, expect repercussions.

According to my title, which looks a bit blurry through my swollen right eye, I should be handing out at least one more fashion tip.

Fashion Tip #3:  If you are a 40ish woman who is trying to distract people from looking at her black eye, go to the local skating rink, purchase a mustache from the vending machine for 75 cents, and affix it to your face.  You can put it wherever you want, as the purpose is to distract, not conform.  Although, I would suggest that creating a monobrow would just bring more attention to your black eye.

Who knows, though – you might just start the next trend.

As you can see on this model, who is not me, you would totally not notice if she had a black eye.  photo credit: Diamond Geyser via photopin cc

As you can see on this model, who is not me, you would totally not notice if she had a black eye.
photo credit: Diamond Geyser via photopin cc

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  1. Now that the closet is organized, it might be time to tackle the bra box. But be careful, for crying out loud!

  2. yourothermotherhere

    I wonder if the tweens playing with mustaches now will remember them after menopause? (smiles)

  3. Scary business, cleaning out your closet, Sorry about the hard drive.:(

  4. I only hope Dimples can learn these valuable lessons while she still has a strategic mustache to distract everyone!

  5. Those hangers are vicious! Maybe it really wanted a mustache and was mad at you for not giving it one.

    One of my friends who is a wonderful photographer had her external hard drive crash which held all of the pictures she had taken in the past year (easily totally 10,000 for a photographer) and it cost her a ridic amount of money to have them all restored.

    • Oh wow! Your poor friend! I’m still waiting to hear if mine can be recovered. Fortunately, I don’t think there are 10,000 pictures. And I’ve scrapbooked Dimples’ pics up until she was 5. So, if we can’t get them back, it will just be the last 5 years of her life that vanished…

  6. Thanks for the warning – I’m not going anywhere near my closet. That Pompous Pixie has had way too much fun in there, and I’m quite sure my hangars are as vengeful as yours.

    Hope your eye gets better soon – owie.

  7. You should have known that hangers are notoriously dangerous, along with wooden spoons and underwear elastic.
    Happy healing and thanks for sharing.

  8. I loved this post, and the “posed” picture at the end if great!

  9. Oh, no! I feel your pain regarding the computer crashing. I, too, just lost 6 months worth of files. Sigh. That’ll teach me to back up my files every day!

    I’m sorry about your black eye! I hope it heals quickly!

  10. i really think you’re onto something. i am not quite sure what it is yet, but i think it’s gonna be BIG.

  11. Revenge of the hanger! I’ll never clean out my closet again thanks to this valuable lesson.
    And the unibrow might just be the next hot fashion this spring… you never know with all that avant garde stuff.

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