At the End of the Day, I Shouldn’t Have Watched That

It’s too late for me, but maybe you can save yourselves.  If you have any kind of leanings toward depression, you might want to re-think going to see Les Miserables.  I am not sure what illogical portion of my brain took control when I made the decision to fork out bucks to go see that movie, but I think my blind adoration of Hugh Jackman may have had something to do with it.  You would think that the fact that it is titled Les Miserables (you don’t even have to speak French to translate that) would have clued me in.  Or, perhaps, my experience watching the musical on-stage a few years ago…  in addition to the repeated viewings of the anniversary celebration on PBS…  and then on my treasured DVD.  But, no, I just had to see the movie.

Many people would find it up-lifting.  Parts of it were.  But other parts were mind-searingly tragic.   Especially trying to watch Russell Crowe sing.  Unfortunately, despite Inspector Javert’s forgettable solo performances, I could not get the rest of the darn soundtrack out of my head.

And then I returned to work today.  I was so completely busy that I had no time to mentally replay the musically accompanied deaths of a dozen horribly abused and mistreated characters.

My reprieve lasted until about 6:30 tonight.  I brought Dimples to dance practice and sat in the lobby, listening to mothers chatting.  One of them was lecturing another mother on her lost ATM card.  She finished her advice by saying, “And at the end of the day, the bank is liable.”

Who says that?!!!!!!!!  Who still says, “At the end of the day?”  The whole friggin’ song washed over me in a second, and I thought, “I am never going to get away from the streets of 19th century France.  Curse you, Hugh Jackman!”

So, I returned home, with the darn music playing in my head again, and I looked at Wonderbutt and realized that he is really a canine Javert, always alert and on the look-out for his quarry.  And I am his quarry. Which would make me Jean Valjean.

And now life is very confusing, so I have decided to swear off all musicals except Grease.  Because the only thing that ever depressed me about Grease was the worry about being a Beauty School Dropout.  Since I am now 40 something and have a master’s degree in something completely unrelated to hair and makeup, that does not concern me so much anymore.

I can’t watch Grease 2, though, because I’m still bummed that we never had a graduation luau at my high school.  Or Maxwell Caulfield.  Or boys.

Wonderbutt.  At the end of the day.

Wonderbutt. At the end of a day waiting for me.


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  1. Ugh, that phrase makes me want to hit someone! And I’m a pacifist. It’s not 1993 kids – let’s try something new shall we?

  2. I haven’t seen the movie yet and now I won’t!

  3. Grease = great. I loaned it to my mother in law and I hope she gets it back to me soon. I kind of need it now! I’m mad we never had a graduation carnival. That would have made high school a little better.

    I had to see Les Mis but yeah, I stood humming that very song at work today when I had nothing to do. Not good.

  4. hahaha Russell Crowe sing says it all … trying to… lol

    Saw the live Andrew Lloyd Webber production 3x, was magical every time… I think I’ll just leave it there. Love and redemption were the gifts I got from it. Too bad the movie is such a flop.

    Thanks for saving me $16 I didn’t have to flush anyway, lol 🙂

  5. At the end of the day, graduation luaus should be mandatory at every school. And boys!

  6. I’m very tempted to watch the movie, I’ve read the book and seen the musical, I know the movie is gonna disappoint me, but I sorta wanna see how they do it.

  7. I’ll stick with “The “Music Man.”

  8. I really enjoyed Les Mis, but I have found the entire soundtrack to be one giant earworm. I hate that, too, since I purchased the soundtrack and all.

    This is why I avoid musicals and the Wiggles.

    • I have one of the older soundtracks, but I really haven’t needed to play it yet. It seriously plays through my head continuously. I might have to watch the Wiggles to save my sanity.

  9. I can’t see Les Mis. After all, look what Anne Hathaway did to herself to play that role. Tragic!

  10. Wonderbutt could definitely play the sneaky villian out to get you – with all of those chewing escapades of his, Mr. Poops-While-He-Walks is a dog to watch out for!
    I’m feeling less and less pleased with the musicals that are coming out lately. They’re just not the same as White Christmas and Singing In The Rain…

  11. I recommend you rent, purchase, or borrow “Rock of Ages” and watch it tonight. This will obliterate all other songs and make you laugh so hard that Les Mis. will leave your mind forever…

    P.S. Thanks for the warning – as a Hugh Jackman fan, I may have been tempted to depress myself 😉

  12. Or you could enjoy this gem from the 70s – with Jodi Foster and Scott Baio.
    That’s right! It’s Bugsy Malone!!!

  13. I promised to take my Mother to see it….. Now, I’ll probably take a sedative beforehand and hope I pass out 🙂

  14. Is it ok if I mention you and your blog in one of my posts soon? I thought it might be amusing to compare your relationship with Wonderbutt to mine with Gutsy9.

  15. Miranda Gargasz

    I had never seen or read Les Mis until the movie. My friend and I went to see it and I used more tissues than I ever have when I’m sick! I’m a sap. It’s true.

  16. That’s all the review I needed! My husband decided he loved me more when I suggested we see some gangster movie instead.

  17. Now I, too, have the song stuck in my head. I saw the movie last week, and cried through the entire thing (as if I didn’t see it three times on stage, own the soundtrack and the DVD!) The movie, in my opinion, made it even more tragic. Sigh.

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