People Who Eat Food From a Farmers Market Are Ignorant

Don’t hate on me yet.  I know the title looks bad, but bear with me.

So, I was eating lunch today, and eavesdropping on conversations, like I usually do.  One of the women began to proselytize about how much better it is to eat fresh food than something from a supermarket.    Her rationale was that, with supermarket food, “you don’t know where it’s been.”

And I thought, “Well, you kind of know more about where it’s been than you do with food from a farmers market.  I mean, you pretty much have just the word of the farmer that he hasn’t painted arsenic on it or anything.  I’m not saying you should buy all of your food from a grocery store, but if your main reason for buying your zucchini from someone on the side of the road is that you think you can count on the goodness of people’s hearts not to poison your purchase by growing it in something other than pristine conditions, then you might want to rethink that. ”

But I didn’t say it.  That is what this blog is for – whatimeant2say, but didn’t.  This way, I don’t get fired from my job or shot at (this is Texas, after all).

A few minutes later, the same woman launched into a diatribe about anti-depressants.

“Well, I just don’t believe in them,” she said.  “I think people just use them so they don’t have to deal with whatever is making them depressed.  I mean, look at me, [insert details about her life that were very traumatic] and I didn’t take anti-depressants.  Get over it.”

Oh boy.

Wow.  I can’t even type whatimeant2say because so many sentences crawled into my brain at the same time I think I almost blacked out.

Here is the long and short of it:

Not everyone who is depressed needs to take anti-depressants.  But some people do.  Like me.

Not every farmer’s market sells food that kills people.  But sometimes they do.  Like this one.

And not every person who eats food from a farmers market is ignorant.  But some are.  Like you. *

*(Not you, the person reading this; you, the person who likes to make sweeping generalizations on topics about which she is not an expert.  I know you are not that person.  So, don’t hate on me.)

Of course, I’m the person who thinks terrorists are poisoning our food.  But just some terrorists.  And some food.  Some people, namely the author of this blog, like to be judicious when they jump to conclusions.

You (sweeping generalization person) should try it some time.


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  1. And some people, like me, get flat out crazy without the antidepressants. I guess you could invite me to have lunch with her after a week of not taking them. Might change her mind….or make her disappear…

  2. I once (when I was pregnant with my second child) wrote a whole book in my head, with chapters and all of everything I meant to say in any given situation, so I know that almost-blacked out feeling…anyway, I forgot every single phrase from the book, maybe if I had taken something for my postpartum DEPRESSION I would now be a best selling author… I’m with you against generalizations overheard while having lunch! Thanks for the very enjoyable read 🙂 Alexandra

  3. Btw, I quoted you, YES, You are quotable…I quoted your facebook posts on my recent facebook post (links back to your blog, of course)… Hope you get a chance to click on over, thanks, read you soon, Alexandra

  4. Never trust a brussel sprout that’s the size of your head…

  5. Pity there’s no cure or treatment for what “no pills” lady has.

    Oh, and yay to having enough time for lunch!

  6. Oh boy, that comment. Yikes. I won’t type whatimeant2say either.

    They are poisoning our food. It’s already filled with chemicals and random crap. We found one ingredient in I think it was Cheetos last year in my photography class (we did lost of random stuff) that is used in making cement!

  7. I am so on your wavelength here!

  8. Oh you do make me laugh. Glad you didn’t say, what you had meant to say, to that woman. People like that will not change their minds. Where would her conversation topics come from if she did?

    • I know what you mean; people like that NEVER change their minds, so my arguments would have been useless. Of course, then I became depressed that I didn’t say anything. Which is ironic when you think about it.

  9. I’m using a mild anti-depressant as a form of pain relief. It relaxes my muscles and has reduced the spasm pains 80% The same drug is used to help children to stop wetting the bed.
    How could anyone who has never used them, criticize anti-depressants?

  10. Oh dear, oh dear..that lady really opened up a ‘hornets nest’. However ignorance of the facts could be reason for her making such sweeping statements.
    There are many people who do not understand depression and think that if you just ‘buck up your ideas’ it will all go away. That is not so….it is like being in a big black void with no end in sight . Maybe she is right in that medication is not always the right way but if it helps to alleviate the symptoms then what’s the problem.
    Praise the Lord..I have never suffered with depression but I do have insomnia, and my little pill at night makes the difference between a good nights sleep or a sleepless night…so to me it is worth it.
    Maybe when she gets older something similar will fall upon her .then she will be glad of a little help

    • I would totally agree with her if she had just said that medication is sometimes overprescribed for depression. But she obviously has never had it to be able to say that it is never the answer.

  11. Thank goodness you have this blog – for your own safety and well-being, for the safety and well-being of the ignorant people in certain restaurants, and for us when we need a laugh.

  12. Hmmmmm…. think I’ll let Ginger handle this one. Ahem.. Ginger here .. to that lady.. listen you arrogant nosy know it all you can think what you want but I can rip out your throat too…. ahem… okay, I think Ginger said what wemeant2say…..

    A big collie hug for you and some ppl are just ignorant and it aint you our friend! 🙂 Having a lot of depressed ppl in our family lines we know somewhat what you go through and her ignorant statement about medication shows she obviously doesnt have a heart, or a brain or any courage (wait…. where have we heard that before… hmmmm)

    Huge collie hugs!
    the collies, irate Ginger and chuck who is wondering if Ginger needs a muzzle…. 🙂

  13. Exactly! And this post should be Freshly Pressed. That’s all I’m saying.

  14. OMG there are far too many sweeping generalization people in throughout the land… Being around them is the worst – I feel your pain!

    • Yes. But I do think that we can both safely agree on the generalization that anyone who does not like Mariah Carey is crazy. I’m pretty sure that’s a proven fact in some reference book somewhere.

  15. Two big pet peeves – people who think they are experts on everything and the generalization people. I really get angry with the people who poo poo therapy and meds. I used to suffer from anxiety and depression and had really bad post-partum after my first child. I owe my life to therapy and meds and they work hand in hand. I like meds to… think of your brain as an old scratchy record that skips and has static. The meds stop the skipping (obsessive thought) and clears up the static so you can think clearly. It doesn’t numb you, it’s the opposite it helps you think clearly. And then you still need to cope with your problems and therapy gives you the tools for that, the rest is up to you. Duh.

    Sorry for the rant. If I were you I’d be in jail because I would have punched the woman in the throat. lol

  16. She probably reads a lot of Tom Cruise’s crap on antidepressives, that if she reads.

  17. I’ve never really thought about that before, but it’s so true.

  18. I completely agree, in fact I sometimes find myself brooding in my mind saying why didn’t ask that guy to see his food handlers permit but where I’m from that’s “NOT” ok, so keep my fingers crossed I don’t get poisoned. Keep up the good writing 🙂
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