Look at ME!


photo credit: GlacierTim via photopin cc

photo credit: GlacierTim via photopin cc

I have had the great honor of having Renee over at Life in the Boomer Lane reblog one of my older posts (with my permission, of course).  You should totally check out another one of my sad but true stories here, and read the other recent posts on her blog, such as How to Score a Husband by Valentine’s Day 2014.  As an added bonus, careful readers might discover a bit more about me that I have never revealed on this blog – and I’m not talking about the fact that I sometimes go without a bra.



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  1. Hopped over and read it. As always, hilarious post.

  2. I’m not sure my boobage would allow me to go without a bra and NOT KNOW….

  3. i am searching for a pencil now, but i doubt it will tell me anything i don’t already know. i could technically go braless, but at my age and in my condition, i am afraid that people would wonder why i was carrying marbles right above my navel. 😉

  4. Man, it’s like when worlds collide.

  5. You better remember us small people when you are big timin’ it! (AKA write your book)

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