This is All I’ve Got – Pretty Sad, Huh?

I am working on a very rambly ranting post that isn’t quite ready for public consumption, yet, so today I am giving you a bunch of random little observations from the last week.

Overheard behind me at a swim meet:
“What generation is your iPhone?”
I have an iPod 5.”
“Gosh, when I was your age, I was happy to have crayons and a coloring book.”
I turn around. “How old are you?” I asked the senior citizen with braces and an iPhone 4s.
“14.” She turned to the iPod 5 owner, “Just wait until you’re in your teens. That’s when you feel old.”

In my classroom:
“Okay, everyone, I’m going to take you back to your classes a couple of minutes before 9:30 so you can go to the program.”
“Is that the letter of the law or the spirit of the law?” one student asked, stopping me in my tracks.
“Uh, what do you mean?”
Exactly 2 minutes or around 2 minutes before?”
Yeah, I think I’m going to get sued by a six-year-old for getting him to back to class 30 seconds late.

In my home:
I was sitting on the armchair with Wonderbutt, our bulldog. My daughter walked into the living room, took a look in our direction, reached up, and yanked on the chain to turn off the overhead light.
I yelped, “Hey! What the heck? You didn’t even ask me if I wanted the light off!”
“I just thought Wonderbutt would sleep better with the lights turned off.”
He was already snoring and drooling in my lap. How much “better” did he need to sleep?
1 hour later, my husband did the same exact thing. For the same exact reason.
The only law in this house is the Law of Wonderbutt.

If the tongue is out, that pretty much means he is down for the night - no matter how much light there is.

If the tongue is out, that pretty much means he is down for the night – no matter how much light there is.


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  1. The letter of the law versus the spirit of the law? THAT is genius from a 6 year old. Just brilliant!

    PS – I already knew about the Law of Wonderbutt

  2. WB has it pretty nice at your house! 🙂 I am pretty sure Jason hasn’t even thought to turn off the lights for me if I fall asleep, and I am a human.

  3. “out the mouths of babes” – 😀
    Love Wonderbutt’s tongue – too cute.

  4. You seem surprised that the house runs according to what Wonderbutt may or may not need. Why? Why all the surprise? This should not be a surprise. It is the way things should be.

    Love and licks,

  5. The Wonderbutt anecdote is priceless. And yeah, we all do that. (and yeah, we all sometimes have a little filler post – like mine this week… I keep waiting for my husband to do something exceptionally stupid, but for some strange reason, he is being reasonable.)

  6. We all know who runs your house, and who has the last say! HRH Wonderbutt

  7. Oh, ouch! Try using that one as an excuse: “I’m sorry I’m late for work, but the dog was sleeping in my lap and my family wouldn’t let me get up…”

  8. I say you lock WB in a room with litigious 6 year old.

  9. we were at petco on sunday and there was a bulldog there that looked just like w.b. he(?)/it was with a smart looking lady. immediately my kids swarmed this poor woman and for a split second i was horrified that it might be you. she spoke to them and had an english accent which i am guessing you don’t have? just checking. ;o)

  10. A 6-year old asked that? Wow, I’m impressed. And, of course, all homes are run at the mercy of the resident pets. It’s as it should be. Wonderbutt has landed on his feet (or his belly perhaps).
    My son and his family have a Mastiff. I think she takes the blue ribbon for drool.

  11. *the collies look at Dad* Dont even think about it you stinkin…. *click* sigh….
    Chuck who is in the dark… 🙂

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