You Never Said it Had to Be Fun

“Do you have anything for me to do?”

“Your homework?”


“The thank-you card for your grandparents? Or how about cleaning the – ”

“Oh yeah, I forgot. You’re not good at that.”

“At what?”

“Giving me something fun to do.”

Someday on my tombstone it will read, “Here lies my mother.  I hope God doesn’t ask her for anything to do.”

from indulgy.comNext time she asks, I'm going to tell her to do #6.  Who says I don't give out fun things to do?

Next time she asks, I’m going to tell her to do #6. Who says I don’t give out fun things to do?


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  1. I have a list ready if my 7-year-old claims to be bored. Sometimes I just point out all the things he has that ARE fun…but mostly they are sneaky chores.

  2. That list is hilarious! SO much fun! See? You are VERY good at it.

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    This is GREAT!

  4. #8 cracks me up! 🙂

  5. cellabella1974

    This is GREAT!! If you dont mind i would le to reblog this!! I have a blogger blog..

  6. my mom told me this story of terror titled: Mom, I’m Bored…it happened when she was a child, her siblings were fighting and Mom (my grandmother) went to the room to see why they were fighting and they all said, “we’re bored!”…”oh, so you’re bored..” said my grandma, and looked around the room, she walked to their dressers and took out all the drawers and dumped everything on the floor and said, ” Ok, so now you’ve got something to do!” ….jajajaaaa ooooohh terrifyingly spooky, so you can imagine that I never said I’m bored to my mom and my children know the story so they keep themselves busy…btw, loved #3 & #4, gagged with #1…thanks, Alexandra

  7. YES! If you ever want to do 1, 3, or 4, let me know.
    If you want to change 6 to “run into a store. Ask what year it is. Yell “There’s still time to do it!!!” followed by a second running into a store, asking the question and saying “There’s still time to top them!!!”, let me know.
    Or if not you, surely Dimples will come along for the mayhem!

  8. #1 is so funny. When my kids say they are bored, I tell them the same things. Go clean your room. Write a thank-you note. Fold some laundry. Eventually they stop pestering me–and start fighting.

    • Wow, that’s a great solution – the fighting, I mean. I’m glad Dimples doesn’t have a sibling. Though she does sometimes start yelling at Wonderbutt when she is desperate for attention.

  9. You are my daily guffaw!

  10. I love the list. I’m not sure, I feel like I’ve showed this to you before, but it’s always fun: Starts at 8:04 but I highly recommend you watch the whole thing. It’s the Actor doing #1.

    Also, tomorrow is Pi Day. Just thought you should know. 3.14. I’m getting pie to celebrate.

    • No, you hadn’t shown me that. I think I would have remembered – especially the gross part at the end! So, please tell me that was pudding in there!

      • It was pudding, but for a year after I could identify my then boyfriend to people by saying, “he was the guy that ate the mayo on Titan TV last year.” Everyone knew what I was talking about. That last part was a parody of 127 Hours which I had the misfortune of seeing.

  11. Love this list! In the summer, usually the first day of summer break, I hear the phrase, “I’m bored!” I tell them to read a book, clean something. Soon, they run far away from my ideas! 😉

  12. Quite possibly the best “To Do” list ever!
    Can you assign #3 and #10 to me? I’ll go do them with Dimples if you’d like. 😉

  13. I agree with the list, but I’d change the response on #6 to say,”Great Scott! It worked!” in honor of Dr Emmitt Brown and his flux capacitor.

  14. Ha! Love it. Strange, but my kids are the same way about my suggestions. Bizarre children, not wanting to work.

  15. It took me way too long to get #7. I must be tired. But I love #6! My kids didn’t have time for me to make them a list, thankfully.

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