If I’d Just Stand Still, I Might Be Able to Catch Up

It’s the Bermuda Bag Blunder all over again.

You know?   Those purses that had changeable covers but were completely impractical in every other way? They were all the rage when I was a kid, and I begged my mother for two years to get me one.

And she did.

And I went to school with it. And no one else had one. No one else even had a purse.  They had moved on.  Back to where I started.  And it could have saved my mom some money if we had just stayed there.

But since she spent all that money, I had to use the purse.

Don't you wish you had one, too?photo credit:  http://www.liketotally80s.com/bermuda-bag.html

Don’t you wish you had one, too?
photo credit: http://www.liketotally80s.com/bermuda-bag.html

Now my purse is a refrigerator.

When we moved into our first house, our kitchen appliances were mixed. Some were black and some were white. We bought a brand new white refrigerator, and spent the next five years slowly replacing the other appliances to match. By the time we got them all matched, it was time to move.

And we moved to a house with black appliances – which really didn’t complement our pure white refrigerator. No matter.  Because, by this time, white was so yesterday and stainless steel was the rage.

Our white refrigerator died. (Natural causes, I say.  And I’m sticking to it.)  Stainless steel or black, we asked ourselves. My husband was leaning toward stainless steel. But I was hesitant. I didn’t want to be Bermudaed again. I mean, stainless had been the rage for awhile now. It was getting time for a new trend.  I could feel it.

But I could not find any record of the new trend anywhere. So, we joined the masses, and bought our stainless steel fridge. And we are slowly getting the rest of the kitchen stainless.  Of course, we have to wait until they die, too.  I mean, you wouldn’t replace your grandmother while she was still alive just because she was the wrong color, would you?

Okay, that didn’t really sound right, but I’m not sure how to fix it.

Anyway, this morning, there happened to be a news report on appliance trends – specifically, refrigerators.

“Stainless is going out, ” they said.

The new trend?

The old one – white.

“Like iPhones!” was the reasoning.

Now why didn’t I see that one coming?

Someone needs to invent a Bermuda Refrigerator.


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  1. Okay, so the refrigerator begins the color switch marathon to stainless. Three years later the black dishwasher goes, the stove follows in 2, and in 3 years the microwave stumbles. Do you see where this is going? At this point the fridge starts coughing and grinding. And, you guessed it, the rage is back to avocado green appliances, and the whole switcheroo begins anew. Sigh…

  2. I don’t care what color refrigerator I get next, as long as it doesn’t have a tv screen or is internet capable. Right?


  3. I forgot about those purses! It looks somewhat like the hot pink Jordache purse I begged for at one point. It’s hard to keep up with things these days isn’t it??

  4. Two words. Appliance paint.

  5. If you don’t change any of your appliances for long enough, you’ll eventually become a trend-setter like me!

  6. i had forgotten all about that purse. and i don’t see how since it was so……………………..what was it? ;o) we are in a similar appliance race except probably a few years behind. all of ours are still white (except the brand new microwave – which is stainless damnit) and we will probably be able to stay that way? we missed black all together because nothing broke and now i guess we’ve missed stainless? i just tell myself we’re retro?

  7. eww, white? We have black- I knew it wasn’t the “in” thing exactly but figured it wasn’t too bad. Is there really such thing as appliance paint? ^^
    Oh, and I inherited Jason’s old iphone and it was black, so I didn’t even get to pick the “cool” color.

  8. Just knit a slipcover. No one will notice.

  9. I think you’ll just have to start your own “new trends”. Sounds like you’re doomed to never get the current ones right, so rather become the trend setter, rather than follower.
    PS – glad you wouldn’t change your grandmother because she’s the wrong colour 😀

  10. Wait, wait! Now the latest thing is to have cabinet doors made to cover your appliances so your whole kitchen is a solid wall of cabinets and it takes you three tries to find the dishwasher.

    Kitchen camo – it’s the next big thing. Trust me…

    • I have seen this rare beast, the Camouflaged Kitchen. But we are common folk and cannot afford such a luxury. We can’t even afford to buy more than one appliance a year, much less redesign our entire kitchen.

  11. That’s why we have magnets, cover it all up with papers, drawings, calendars, shopping lists. Eventually you can no longer see the original color. Of course if you go stainless, you’re going to have to go with tape or something, magnets are out, or so I hear. I have white. Lucky me, for once I’m with the “in” crowd.

    • I thought I could maybe use my daughter’s many rolls of duct tape in various designs. What do you think?

      • Well if she has as many rolls of that bizness as my daughter, your fridge may never reveal its authentic self again. I got so caught up in the appliance focus, I failed to even discuss the Bermuda Bag, the go-to item of The Preppy Handbook. Oh how I loved me some coordinating belt and purse of the preppy variety. Thanks for the 80’s flashback!

  12. Well, that’s annoying. We just swapped out our old white fridge for a stainless steel model. The fridge was the last appliance. But we did something different. When it came time to replace the stove, we purchased a stainless steel gas stove but with black down the sides and across the front. When we (read: I) said we need a dishwasher, I went with stainless steel but with BLACK SIDES and some black in the control panel. So, the fridge. We lucked out and found a stainless steel one WITH BLACK TRIM. If one of them goes in the future, we then have a choice…SS again or black. Of course, this means I’m not trendy. I can live with that. 🙂

  13. Growing up, we had a dishwasher with a reversible front panel. Olive green on one side and who-knows-what on the other, cream? It can be done. It has been done. Someone needs to do it again.

    And I loved those purses. My sister had an even fancier version with a plastic handle that latched closed. I regret ever getting rid of mine. I saved everything else in case I had a daughter one day. She would have loved it.

    • NO WAY! I’ve never heard of a reversible front panel. That is genius! And, olive green no less! Whoever created that had great foresight as to how long that trend was going to last!

  14. You can also get cases that snap on to your fridge or dishwashers. Paint is always an option but stainless steel could be hard to achieve with paint. I am now invested so don’t forget to update us. 🙂

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