What You Can Do While You Wait For Your Daughter to Become the Next Synchronized Swimming Champion

We were out of town at a synchronized swimming competition this weekend and I am absolutely exhausted from trying to mark time between my daughter’s performances.  So, I gift you with this wonderful motivational poster that I made with a new app I downloaded.  Feel free to share and make it the newest internet meme.  Just make sure you give Wonderbutt the credit he deserves.  He’ll eat your sofa cushions if you don’t.


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  1. You should really get into that, Wonderbutt memes. This is a cute one.

  2. Wonderbutt may need that device (and some help) to stay afloat, but I always thought that, ahem, fat helped in that department. No?

  3. Did Dimples like it? I love memes and this one is especially appropriate.

  4. I reckon you’re onto a new business opportunity… Motivational Posters featuring WB. BRILLIANT!

  5. Brilliant!! Do you mind if I share it on my facebook page?

  6. Very inspiring, WB! And so true. You’re a star!

    Love and licks,

  7. It looks like he would sink even with that on.

  8. um, i hear MONEY! where is wb’s etsy shop? his “online store”? his “butt, wait…” i think you are standing on a GOLD MINE.

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