And on the other side it would say, “And Hates Cutesy Bonding Activities That Require the Use of Wooden Spoons”

I think you people know me better than the people who know me better.

Yesterday, I got a wooden spoon in my box at school.  It said, “Positive”.

We did this thing at the beginning of the year where we decorated wooden spoons and wrote someone who inspired us on one side, and one of the qualities we most admired about them on the other.  Now we are supposed to pass the wooden spoons secretly to people we work with who exhibit these traits.

So far this year, I have gotten “Fun” and “Positive”.

Granted, I just started working at this school last August.  But I cannot imagine what I have done to give anyone the impression that I am either fun or positive.

My idea of fun is sitting in my armchair with my farting bulldog watching The Daily Show.

As for being positive, when I complain about something, and someone says, “It could be worse,” I say, “Well, it could also be better.”

Maybe that sounds positive to some people.

Some people also seem to have gotten the impression that I am smart – probably because I teach gifted students.

They obviously have not seen my bathroom drawer full of abandoned hair appliances that I bought because the infomercials convinced me that each one was the solution to my frizzy hair.

Or the long scar on my hand that I got because I thought I could remove the wall-sized mirror in our bathroom by myself, but didn’t actually plan where I was going to put it once I got it off the wall.

If I was going to put a spoon in my box, I think that it would say, “Cranky Klutz Who Repeats the Same Mistakes Over and Over…”

But that probably wouldn’t fit on the spoon.

See?  Not positive.


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  1. Are you just secretly soliciting positive feedback like, “well, I think you’re both fun AND positive”? In which case… Don’t you know that EVERY thinking, positive and fun woman (well, as long as they have hair) has a bathroom drawer/cupboard full of abandoned hair appliances that they bought because the infomercials convinced them that each one was the solution to their frizzy hair? If you didn’t, you do now!

  2. The wooden spoon thing is definitely to cutesy for me also.
    Everyone who reads your blog knows how fun you are!

  3. isn’t it suprising when other people see in you traits that you would never use to describe yourself…it has also happened to me with “positive” ….jajajaaa. I do my best to be positive but I think I am naturally negative…aarrgghh i hate that about me!! although i do make people laugh and i dare guess you do too, so maybe that’s what people interpret as being positive… or they are using NLP-programming us because our negativity is driving them crazy… enjoy your positive spoon, believe you are positive and you’ll become positive… 🙂 take care, Alexandra

    • I’m not sure I actually want to be positive! I heard a news story the other day that referenced a study that showed that pessimists are much more realistic than optimists…

      • aaajajajaaa my Dad was talking about that report and his conclusion was that being realistic is over rated and scares you away from believing everything is possible… OK Dad… whatever we decide to be let’s be the best at it 🙂

  4. Oh geez a wooden spoon, that’s great. Haha! I would give you one that said, “Star book club member”. 🙂

  5. If someone gave me a spoon it might say perpetually late talks faster than brain can handle and never stops moving. Oh yeah i forgot they’re supposed to be positive. Sorry!

  6. You should give the spoon to wonderbutt to chew BOL!

  7. Everyone sees herself differently than others do. That’s probably a good thing! We’re all too hard on ourselves.

  8. A wooden spoon left for you. Is this really age appropriate? I would think I grew out of this phase about aged 5! I think they would do one especially for me saying “hostile”

  9. Maybe you can hit things with the wooden spoons? It’ll make you feel better.

  10. Maybe you’ll get a spoon that says, “Snarky.” or “Sarcastic.” Are they compliments? Whether they are or not, they’re definitely accurate, and good qualities for a blogger.

  11. The Bungalow Blog

    It depends on the size of the spoon.

  12. okay. i’m still stumped as to why it’s a wooden spoon? i just don’t get that. you do work in public school, right? don’t wooden spoons connote corporal punishment? i just know my good friend carries one in her purse when she’s out with her girls (and it’s not to slip them the spoons with positive traits, either). regardless (or, irregardless), my spoon for you would say “excellent cook.” and then you could give me one back that says, “good liar.” ;o)

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