And do the Hoagy Pogey While You Bang Your Head Against a Mirror on Friday the 13th

I spend more time trying not to waste time than I would have spent wasting time without the attempt to avoid it.  The wasting of the time, I mean.

I hate going places to get things fixed.

Because I hate waiting in line, and I hate having someone tell me to my face that there is nothing they can do, and that I should just GIVE IT UP, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, YOU STUPID IDIOT.  THAT THING IS DEAD AND JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF COULDN’T RESURRECT IT!

They haven’t actually said that, but I know they are thinking it.

So, lately, my Apple devices have been giving me various problems.  And I decided that I should go online to figure out how to solve them.  I’m a pretty tech-savvy person, so I figured I might be able to do it myself.

There is loads of advice on the internet on how to fix your Apple devices.  I would venture to say that there is more advice on the internet about this than about how to fix anything else – including your zipper or your credit.

It took me awhile to figure out that most of this advice, given in very reliable-looking technogeek jargon, is full of crap.

I have done everything recommended on every forum and it has not made a bit of difference.  I did get a bit suspicious when one guy said that you have to hold down the Home button and the Power button while you stand on your head and drink a cup of coffee.  But he said it worked for him, so I went with it.

It turns out that spilled coffee does not improve the inner workings of Apple devices.  Neither does throwing them across the room while you try to keep burning coffee from going up (or down) your nose.

So I am trying to figure out if the people on those forums accidentally fixed their devices and just figured that whatever event preceded these miraculous repairs must have been responsible.

Or, do they have so much time on their hands that they can visit every forum on the internet and giggle wildly as they type in stupid, but remotely possible, advice to gullible people like me?

Well, I have learned my lesson.  Yessir.  No more ridiculous attempts to fix things on my own.  I made my appointment and the Geniuses of Apple can sort through this mess.

Let’s keep that little coffee incident between you and me, okay?  People can be kind of fussy about warranties.

An Apple Genius can fix this, right?  I mean, there might be a couple of small pieces missing, but that's no big deal... photo credit: phot0matt via photopin cc

An Apple Genius can fix this, right? I mean, there might be a couple of small pieces missing, but that’s no big deal.  Right?
photo credit: phot0matt via photopin cc


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  1. SURE! Geniuses can fix anything. You’ll be fine…..

  2. I google everything. One day I will learn that is not the answer.

  3. Call me cynical (it’s been done before) but have you considered ‘planned obsolescence’?

  4. I’m kind of glad I have a brick mobile. A few of my friends had iPhones for a while and eventually traded them for something else. They got tired of having to get it reset and stuff.

    • That’s the reason I never buy expensive sunglasses. The Cap’n always complains about his getting scratched. So do mine, but they’re only 10 dollars to replace.

  5. I nominated you for the shine on award. Should you choose to accept, please see instructions on my homepage post. Blessings on your day.

  6. I’m usually one to redirect; the moment I spot any trace of tech-talk, but I savored this article hoping there would be more waiting for me even after I scrolled down the comments section.
    I heartily enjoyed your ramblings.
    Do visit sometime.

  7. Must be some Apple epidemic going around. My Apple products are meeting and coming up with new and vicious ways to drive me more crazy than I already am.
    The folks at the local Genius Bar and I are on first name terms.
    Your piece is wonderful, and I trust your Apple products will not rot.

  8. 😀 Sure, we’ll keep the coffee incident private. If they are only small pieces that are missing, I;m sure it’s not too much of a problem. Not like you’re missing the entire casing or anything 🙂

  9. That looks totally fixable. Totally.

  10. i want to google how to properly google a how-to for optimum results. will that help? and, (in my opinion) geniuses can totally fix that.

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