We Give a Whole New Meaning to “Discriminating Taste”

I swear on my bulldog, Wonderbutt, that this conversation occurred in our teachers’ lounge during lunch a couple of weeks ago:

Amy: So, how do you like that burrito from Habanero’s?

Penny:  It’s okay.  I’m not too excited about the rice, though.

Amy:  Oh?  Why?

Penny:  Well, I’m just not a big fan of white rice.  I like brown.  You know, like, uh, Mexican.

Me:  Isn’t that some kind of reverse discrimination?

Leonard (as he lifts a fork to his mouth):  Yep.  Otherwise known as “rice-ism.”

Not to be confused with device-ism

Not to be confused with device-ism…

or advice-ism

…or advice-ism,

and certainly not as politically correct as lice-ism.

and certainly not as politically correct as lice-ism.









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  1. Please tell Leonard his brilliance has gone viral. He’s a hit in Australia.

  2. It’s nice to hear that intelligence is appreciated in at least one part of the world. Too bad it’s so far away from here…

  3. You need to hang around Penny, Leonard and Amy more. This could get addictive. Too bad school is almost out.

  4. I thought this was going to be another post about Dimples’ Afro.

  5. That is so punny.

  6. Hmm, that Leonard… He really loves a good play on words I take it.

  7. This would make the perfect Sunday comic.

  8. lice-ist and rice-ist. guilty as charged.

  9. and blog award to add to your shelf (if you don’t already have this one!!!)

  10. What about spice-ism and Indian food?

  11. Imagine what he would have come up with if it was long grain rice. I shudder to think… 😉

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