Let’s Face It. You Will Probably See this Exact Post Again at the Beginning of August.

So, the summer is almost over and I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished.

Christmas gifts – none made.

Re-aquaintance with friends I haven’t seen during the entire school year – nope.

Closets – still a mess.

Novel – unwritten.

Weight – not lost.

New recipes – unlearned and uncooked.

On the upside, though…

Christmas gifts – none needed if I don’t ever get in touch with any friends again.

Closets – great excuse to continue to un-write my novel.

Weight – none gained while not eating the new recipes that I didn’t cook.

I blame my lack of productivity on Wonderbutt who, frankly, is not a very motivational presence with his habit of following me into every room, collapsing onto the floor, and snoring and farting contentedly while I try to focus and remember why I walked into the room in the first place before I succumb to the fumes that are partly my fault because I didn’t read the text from my husband that he had already fed Wonderbutt this morning – until it was too late.

Plus, he (Wonderbutt, not my husband) completely ruined my plans for today by yanking my blanket off the bed so he could nap on it, resulting in an unscheduled extra load of laundry and a complicated calculation of what time the blanket could go in the washing machine still leaving me time to run the dishwasher (which, of course, cannot be run concurrently), and what time the blanket would be able to go in the dryer so that I would still have it in time for bed.  And when, precisely, was I going to take a shower?  Because having a clean blanket would be kind of a waste if I just pulled it on top of my unclean, Wonderbutt-licked-with-affection legs and arms when I went to bed.

You can see what I’m up against.  Lucky for you, you can’t smell it…

Photo Jun 10, 12 08 04 PM


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  1. AND, Jon Stewart has gone AWOL for 3 WHOLE months…

  2. I say you let WB run wild for a week.
    That’s a novel right there.
    (And you’ll have to write it while they do all the reconstruction on your house!)

  3. That photo is brilliant he looks completely happy and relaxed – if only you could channel your inter wonderbutt!

  4. lol… WB seemed contented though 😉

  5. I so wish you could come over for a coffee – I adore you!

  6. The way you write about Wonderbutt it’s almost like doggie porn.

  7. It’s summer. You are forbidden from doing anything productive for at least two weeks.

  8. You will probably catch up with everything you want to do. Sometimes I just do what I want to do than what I should do.

  9. If you don’t make a summer to- do list then you save yourself the disappointment in August. I tend to set low expectations for what I can get done each day and still seem disappointed…

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