Some Seek Asylum While Others Should BE in an Asylum

Wonderbutt, my bulldog, has been listening to NPR too much today.  The Snowden case is freaking him out.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 3.21.03 PM

Wonderbutt trying not to look guilty...

Wonderbutt – worried that his leaks have opened him up to prosecution.


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  1. I’m following you, follow me back

  2. EVERYBODY wants you, WB. Why wouldn’t they?

  3. Sometimes I wish animals really could talk.

  4. I’m for Wonderbutt getting his own Twitter account. He would fit right in.

  5. Wonderbutt has so much more appeal than Julian… farts and all.

  6. Wonderbutt, I’ve got your back. Oh, wait a minute. Whew! Never mind.

  7. The government probably DOES have his metadata O.o

  8. O look at that face!

  9. who could NOT love that face??? and I love that he listens to NPR. 89.1 is bandit’s favorite station (well, maybe by force….but, I know he likes it better than The Beat).

  10. If the gov’t ever seriously pursues methane as an alternative fuel source, they’ll definitely be after him!

  11. Ah, I’ve missed these!! I don’t know how that dog always pulls off such mischievous expressions…

  12. We know a good lawyer sweet Wonderbutt if you need one. We don’t think you have any worries though. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. I’m with Audrey. How do you get Wonderbutt to come forth with the appropriate expression? Wonderbutt the Wonder.

  14. As always, you crack me up. I am certain that the US Gov’t would find my e-mails fascinating. Not.

  15. “Whiffyleaks”! Bahahaha!!! Love it.

  16. The government has read this article and are shaking their heads in disapproval while thinking:

    “Oh, how she underestimates us. But that Bulldog is smarter than any of the specimens we have at the laboratory. He must be interrogated. Find someone who speaks woof”.

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