It’s Like Driving Miss Daisy – Only 20 Pounds Heavier and With Noxious Fumes

Our bulldog, Wonderbutt, has recently shown great interest in car travel.  I have been driving my daughter back and forth from music camp this week, and he cannot wait to take his place on the front seat for each trip.  In fact, after the first little jaunt, he refused to get out of the car and kept leaping over to the opposite side every time I came around to pull him out.  I wish I had thought to video his behavior.  At one point, he actually tried to push his head into the crease where the seat meets the back, apparently thinking he could hide from me – or that I would be intimidated by the sight of his big butt in my face.  (I must admit, that his butt is kind of formidable.)  I finally had to yell, “Treat!” and run to the front door of the house to convince him to abandon ship.

I’m not exactly sure what the appeal of the automobile is, since it’s 1000 degrees in San Antonio right now, and it takes almost the entire round trip for the car to cool down, but as soon as I grab my purse he runs everyone else in the house over, including me,  in his urgency to get to the front door.  It’s the highlight of his day – twice a day – and I’m a bit concerned about the effect it will have on him when music camp ends on Friday…


Is that drool, Dude – or are you starting to melt?

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  1. Its a dog thing. Bella is the same.

  2. That’s a funny story, and I still think that has to be one of the best dog names I have ever heard. Thanks for the chuckle.

  3. My grandma’s little dog loves to go on car rides. I guess it’s the privilege of getting to go with you to the unknown places you go during the day while they have to stay home. Maybe they feel included.

  4. He loves it!! I think you should start taking wonderbutt out for twice daily car rides for no reason other than he loves it!! Would love to have seen that video!

  5. wow. I would think he’d HATE it??? it’s so hot. that is just crazy. side note: have you seen that billboard on 410? that says “don’t leave your kids in a hot car” blah, blah, blah? we tried to explain that to baby and the other day at HEB she said loudly, “thanks for not leaving me in the car and killing me, mom!” so, please don’t ‘accidentally’ leave WB in the car. ;o) you’re welcome!

    • I haven’t seen that billboard, but had to call the police one time because some people left their kids in a locked car with the windows barely cracked. It wasn’t a hundred degree day, but in the 90’s. By the time the police finally came (like 20 or 30 minutes after we called) the parents came out of one of the stores and claimed they were just gone for a couple of minutes. Yeah, right.

      I wouldn’t leave WB in the car alone because it’s inhumane and because he would probably try to drive it.

  6. Aw. It’s his special time. He’s kind of the road. I’d hate to think what happens to that drool when he sticks his head out the window though.

    • It’s strange, but he doesn’t stick his head out the window – even when I open it all the way. I think it’s because he has enough trouble breathing even without the wind slamming into his face.

  7. Is this the anniversary of when he was neutered? Because he might think you’re taking him to get his bits back…

  8. Too bad we haven’t passed you on one of your legs to get dimples! The kids would love to see wonderbutt riding shotgun, drooling. And yes it’s unbearably hot. Ugh.

  9. you will have to take him on rides for fun… 🙂

  10. The moving car is the one place portly pups can run like a cheetah, drool into the wind, and not get off their (wonder)butts.Thanks for sharing.

  11. That is a great picture, I love how you caught the drool in mid-air!

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