I’d Rather Have a Blunder of Bulldogs on my Lap Than a Slobber of Saint Bernards

I came across this the other day.

group of pugs


So, I tried to find out what a group of Wonderbutts is called.  It seems that there is no such thing.


I know what I could call one Wonderbutt:  a Scorn.  Any ideas for the collective noun for bulldogs?  Here is an amusing collection for your entertainment.  (I already tried “Drool”, and it was taken – for babies.)

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  1. “A wrinkle” or “a fold”.

  2. How about a ‘sexy-ugly’?

    Beats a salon of poodles. Bella was not amused.

  3. um… flockita wonderbuttica ?

  4. bras – a suspension! hahahahaha! I like “a puddle.”

  5. I think a Blunder of Bulldogs is a good idea!

    I’m now going to Google what a group of Dobermans is called. I suspicion there isn’t a name for it either.

    (there isn’t)

  6. And no collective noun for bloggers, either. So ipso facto…perhaps all us bloggers are Wonderbutts in disguise.

  7. How about a “lump” or “slug” of bulldogs? Although neither of those convey their charm, just their energy level…

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