Tonight: Tune in to Wild People Who Vote Democratically and Have Horrible Taste in Television

I have memories of visiting friends when we were kids.  After a day of playing outside, the two families would gather in the rec room, and watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom together.  Picture a group of about 10 people contentedly viewing educational programming about the exotic behavior of lions in Africa.

35 years later...

My daughter and I were visiting some friends earlier this week, and we all decided to chill in front of the television after a day of adventure.

Of course, these days there are a lot more programming choices than Wild Kingdom.

America’s Got Talent seemed mutually satisfactory to everyone.  We arrived on the channel just in time for a comedian to start his act.  About his sex life.

Despite the protests of the ten year old girls, we decided to look for a show that was a bit more “family-oriented.”

That’s how we ended up on the Discovery Channel.

Naked and Afraid was the name of the show.

I’m not sure why, but the title made me picture newborn hairless kittens trying to survive in an old barn.

Yeah.  That’s not what it’s about.

The grownups in the room stared with our mouths agape at the large screen t.v. as a naked man and woman foraged in the forest.

If you have not yet experienced this viewing pleasure, picture Survivor, Fear Factor, the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible, and Anthony Weiner’s sexts all rolled into one.

Are you kidding me?  Did someone at the network actually pitch this?  And someone else said yes?  AND THOUSANDS OF OTHER SOMEONE ELSES SAID, “LET’S WATCH THIS!”  ?!!!!!!!!

Granted, the vulnerable parts are pixelated.  But the dirty bottoms and the thighs of cellulite are perfectly defined.  Not the kind of Wild Kingdom I really want to see.

After we cleaned our chins off the floor, we moved on to the next show.

Okay, this should be safe.  Family Feud.

“What’s the most sensitive part of your body to get a tattoo?”

“Your foot!” I yell.  That was #2.

“Your private parts!” the contestant yelled.

She was right.  The #1 most sensitive spot to get a tattoo is your privates according to the survey of 100 people who probably never got a tattoo but could actually visualize people attempting this amazing feat.  And just to let you know, “Boobs” was #9, so that further distinguishes which specific privates are being tattooed.

Or, if you want to use Family Feud’s scientific terminology, you can just call it, “Giggle Stick and Hoo-Hoo.”

We decided we didn’t really need to watch t.v.

Picture a group of 5 people – 3 adults stunned into silence while 2 ten year olds roll around on the floor laughing at all of the information they have acquired in the last ten minutes of channel surfing.

I learned a lot, too.  America has no talent, no sense of shame or decorum, and plenty of people who can imagine getting tattoos on giggle sticks and hoo-hoos.

We may not be a kingdom, but I think the lions of Africa are a lot more civilized than the people of the United States.



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  1. giggle sticks an hoo hoos… LMAO

  2. I’m glad I don’t have cable. It doesn’t sound like there is anything on it worth watching.

  3. Jackpot TV. Wow! Where’s The Wonderful World of Disney when you need it!?!?

  4. Brilliant post, SSFAM! Scary, but brilliant.

    Kind of makes Oprah’s ‘vajayjay’ less ridiculous (which is equally scary!)

    PS – Australia has less talent BUT I am pretty certain we are not ever going to get ‘Naked and Afraid’….

  5. I don’t know if the kids today have the talent to survive the feuding that will take place when they discover America is all about being naked and afraid.

    *snort* I got all the bad words into one sentence.

  6. And then did you turn the channel to a nature program where the host narrates while a male lion has his way with the females repeatedly?

  7. I don’t have pay-tv, so only have the 3 free channels in SA. I only switch on the tv to watch DVDs. If you think America’s Got Talent is bad, you should try SA’s Got Talent. And we don’t even mention Idols SA.

  8. To me Wild Kingdom always meant one thing: I had school the next morning.

  9. Bahaha! Clearly I need to start watching television. I’d never heard of a giggle stick before. Who knew there were such educational programs?

  10. oh. my. I had to censor a few parts of America’s Got “Some” Talent for my crew (and I had to censor a whole LOT of the commercials). we don’t watch a lot of TV over here, so I am constantly amazed at what passes for Family Friendly. yeesh. the naked show sounds……um…………weird??? we all watched NOVA the other night and the kids complained that it was so boring??? and that hubby and I were “old”??? I think they need to move out soon.

  11. Maybe not so wholesome.
    But definitely educational!

  12. I cringe just to think about when PBS Kids no longer is the “it” TV.

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