It’s Not Me. It’s You. But You Didn’t Hear That From Me.

As a mother, teacher, and wife I feel like I have spent my entire life repeating and/or explaining what I just said.  Even when our family of three is sitting at the dinner table, and ostensibly paying attention, I find myself having to say things twice.

Even our dog, Wonderbutt, looks at me like I’m talking Whale whenever I call him.

Wonderbutt Sticks Out His Tongue

Obviously, I have some kind of speech impediment that precludes anyone’s ability to hear me correctly.

So, when my friend told me the other day that she was going to get her hearing tested soon because she is having problems, I was flabbergasted.

“Are you kidding?” I asked.

“No.  Hearing problems run in my family, and I’ve been having a lot of trouble hearing people lately.”

“That can’t be right,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve spent 6 hours with you today, and not once have you made me repeat myself.  You’ve never said, ‘What?’ or even ignored me.”

“Well, you have a voice that really projects,” she said.


Maybe I need to adjust my frequency or something.


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  1. Haha! I think it’s called selective hearing!

  2. So that settles it. You ARE speaking whale. And your friend is a whale. And Wonderbutt isn’t.

  3. Ever hear of olfactory fatigue? I’m convinced Hubby suffers from something similar related to his hearing. I’m sure if he got tested, they’d discover complete deafness in the frequency range of my voice.

    • Olfactory fatigue? Does that mean your nose can get exhausted from too much smelling? I wish I would get that so I could stop experiencing the aroma of Wonderbutt’s farts!

  4. Hearing loss is superior now?

  5. I quote from a movie about a deaf girl, She said, “You hear but you don’t listen.” As far as I am concerned it’s not worth talking to some people because you’ll explain yourself away. I feel like screaming, Do I have to explain everything I do?.

  6. Could be that the others have a listening problem…
    If they find a cure for them, my wife would like you to please let me know!

  7. If hearing loss runs in your friend’s family, perhaps she’s learned how to read lips. If that makes you feel any better…

  8. i agree with el guapo – others have a listening problem (except the hard of hearing friend who BECAUSE of her hearing problem, probably listens exceptionally well). how many years after I left teaching(?) hubby still says occasionally, “god, that teaching voice is soooooo loud and annoying.” thank you? and I always say things twice. I didn’t realize how annoying THAT was until he (of course) brought it to my attention. did I stop? of course not. coupled with a bad memory, saying things twice just assures that I DID say them. ;o)

  9. Maybe its a chick thing? (Did I actually say that?). I have the same problem with LM and the teenager…

  10. Too funny! 1/5 of the family hears (listens) me on a pretty regular basis and that’s because he doesn’t know there is any other option. 🙂

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