This is Why We Don’t Waste Money on Dog Toys

I’ve been trying to organize some photos, and came across some Wonderbutt pics I thought you guys would enjoy.  Here is Wonderbutt racing around the house with Dimples’ underwear.  It was a good way to teach her not to throw her clothes on the floor…

Wonderbutt and the Underwear


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  1. I don’t buy cat toys either. A wadded up piece of paper works just as well. Or a pen. When I need a pen, I look under the couch.

  2. Yeah, my dog would leave my sister’s bloomers in the yard.

  3. It could be worse…it could be your underwear.

  4. Good choice, WB. Underwear is fun, and it also causes plenty of excitement around the house.

    Love and licks,

  5. Dog toys are a waste of money our personal belongs are much better chew toys.

  6. yeah, bandit loves underwear, too. clean or dirty. and (incomplete list) socks, flip-flops, running shoes, scrunchies, napkins, paper towels, littlest pet shop, my little pony, pencils, pens, jenga pieces, shopping lists…

  7. The Underwear King Wonderbutt should meet my granddog Karlie, the Glove Maven. Last Saturday she swallowed a man’s latex/cloth garden glove whole while my daughter chased her. After the vet removed it (completely unchewed) with a scope, he remarked it was larger than her stomach! We thought she was of a smart breed. Hrmph!

  8. Yes, but did it work? The teenager STILL hasn’t learnt this lesson and he is 17!

  9. Despite spending at least $100 on dog toys, my dog’s favorite toys are: stolen earmuffs, an old pair of glasses and and a Frisbee.

  10. We don’t waste money on cat toys. Wrapping paper and my hair ties keep her pretty busy. Why do they even make toys for pets? They don’t care.

  11. Look how fast he is going!!He looks like he is having such fun!

  12. In dog games, a pair of underwear are worth 50 points. 75, if they’ve just been worn, 150 if the kid is still in them.

  13. Wonderbutt has fabulous taste! People underpants are my favorite!!!

  14. I love how Mrs. P.I.B is standing in the background while he races around. Her stance seems like she is way above the situation.

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