It’s All Fun and Games Until You Figure Out Where Your Butt Just Ended Up…

There’s nothing like trying to get your car loaded and looking up to see a 60 pound bulldog missile headed straight for you.  That is what you get for not making sure the storm door was completely latched.

No one will blame you for leaping 10 feet straight into the air to avoid being “bulled” over.

However, you might be considered culpable for leaving an animal in the car when it’s 540 degrees outside.  And there do not seem to be any legal loopholes for stubborn pets named Wonderbutt who refuse to believe you when you tell them that you have no intention of driving anywhere in the next 20 minutes.  Nor do there seem to be allowances for bullish dogs who will likely give you a hernia if you try to forcibly drag them out of the hot oven they insist on occupying because they have no intention of allowing you to leave them behind to miss all of the fun you surely have when they are cruelly abandoned in the air-conditioned house while you go on your exciting adventures to the grocery store and the gas station.

So, you must sigh, completely rearrange your plans, crank up the a/c in the car, and assign your 10 year old daughter to sit beside the resolute runaway as you quickly finish your preparations, grab your purse, and lock up the house.

Wonderbutt grins at me that he won this round.

Wonderbutt grins at me that he won this round.

And you chauffeur your smug canine to the destination to which you were not so eager to arrive in the first place.

The Boarding Kennel.

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  1. Oh, what a cutie, wow, at least he was in the car ready for the boarding kennel. Our cat would have been in hiding by then!

  2. Not the dog hotel!

  3. GAH! WB, they gotcha! Now you’re in dog jail! Hang in there, buddy….

    Love and licks,

  4. At least you have a red car. EVERYONE knows they’re faster…

  5. He’s going to be in therapy for years after this.

  6. Doh! Oh, he was suckered. Poor guy.

  7. wow. he’s a stubborn guy. but awfully cute.

  8. human vs dog 1-0. Woohoo! 😛

  9. He’s not comin’! He sure is game for any kind of drive, poor guy just didnt know the destination!

  10. They think car rides are so exciting. They never know the truth.

  11. Hee hee I do so love wonderbutt! and look how happy he was before he knew the truth!

  12. There you go sweet Wonderbutt…good job not letting them leave without you! What you really were doing is being a good boy and loading up to go to the boarding kennel. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. Damn the cuteness! DAAAAMN ITTTTT!

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