I’ve Chosen the Vehicle I’m Renting For My Next Road Trip

It’s mildly disappointing to travel 900 miles in 2 and a half hours and find out you ended up exactly where you started.  Particularly if you spent $1000 for the pleasure.

You may have surmised from the last post regarding the unceremonious deposit of Wonderbutt (and his sister, Mrs. P.I.B.) at the kennel that the Firepants family was about to embark on a vacation.

We live in Texas.  We flew to Nashville for the first leg of our trip.

As we wandered around downtown Nashville, I had my camera ready for exotic pictures of this new locale.  But it turns out Nashville is just like San Antonio – only more.  It’s like someone turned on the Texas radio station in their Ford pickup and cranked up the volume full blast just to make sure the cows on the ranch in the next county could hear.

More cowboy hats.

More cowboy boots.

More cowboy boots.

More bar-b-q.

More country music.

Same street names.

Same tourist traps.

I might as well have just stayed at home and taken a cab downtown for half the price.

I tried to hide my disappointment and to enthusiastically involve the family in my observations.

Look!  It's a Riverwalk!  (Just like San Antonio)

Look! It’s a Riverwalk! (Just like San Antonio – except our river is more like a creek.)

Look, it's the Hard Rock Cafe!  Oh yeah, we have one of those, too.

Look, it’s the Hard Rock Cafe! Oh yeah, we have one of those, too.

Look, it's a random, weird, red sculpture in the middle of town.  Yup, got that in SA.

Look, it’s a random, weird, red sculpture in the middle of town. Yup, got that in SA.

“Look!  There’s a poor homeless person on the sidewalk playing a broken drum!”  I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy I saw in SA three days ago.

And then I saw it.  I jumped up and down (to the chagrin of my husband, Cap’n Firepants, who prefers to blend into the crowd).

“Look!  Look!” I pointed to the novel sight – something we definitely do NOT have in San Antonio.

“What?” my 10-year-old daughter cried.

“A bar!  On wheels!  That you pedal!  Down the street while you’re drinking!” I exclaimed.

Finally –  something she can write about on her, “What I Did on Summer Vacation” essay.

Nashville Pedal Cab


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  1. Umm…where can I get a franchise for the pedal bar???

  2. I guess, hold your drink tightly so it doesn’t spill….? Weird.

  3. Make sure our whole family can fit while we play heads up

  4. Wow, that looks like the coolest bar ever, I want one! Well worth the trip I think 🙂

  5. Is there some law that states that only women can drink at the bar on wheels OR is that bar tender just ridiculously good looking?

    Say hi to ‘our Nicole’ (married to ‘or Keith’) if you see her?

  6. Those women look very…healthy. Must be all that peddling. *raised eyebrow*

    • So, here’s the weird thing. I was kind of ticked off at Cap’n Firepants b/c he kept staring at the Pedal Tavern, and I thought he was ogling the women. And then I looked at my pictures when I got home, and I swear to God those are not the same women I thought he was ogling – or that I was photographing. AND I’M NOT THE ONE WHO WAS DRINKING! There’s like some kind of magic aura surrounding the Pedal Tavern, methinks.

  7. you didn’t have to travel THAT far: http://www.pubcrawlerofaustin.com/ ;o) when I first read about it I said to hubby, “MY GOD! exercise AND beer? how much money do we have?”

  8. A bar on wheels?! Cool! My father just moved back in with his parents down in Texas, but I think he’s far away from you which is good. Yeah, I just google mapped it. You’re safe. Unless he finds a bar on wheels…

  9. Right ON! Oh, wait… who does the pedalling? Drinking should only be combined with healthy activity if the drink is in my hand and somebody else is doing the activity. Preferably somebody male and good-looking.

    • I was a little more concerned with who does the driving! I mean I can pedal and pretty much do anything. But add the need for spatial skills and quick judgement, and you don’t want me on the road – even without a drink in my hand.

  10. I was visiting Nashville, too. I wonder if we passed each other on the street. I was the one with the camera. I bet you were the lady without a bulldog.

  11. That is such a splendid idea. Pitch it to Julian Castro at the next city council meeting.

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