Pens and Pencils May Taste Delicious, But They Do No Good If You Can’t See the Board

While the rest of us were getting ready for the new school year, it occurred to my daughter, Dimples, that Wonderbutt might do better in his lessons with improved vision.  He hasn’t asked for a locker chandelier, yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

Doesn't he look like an intellectual?

Doesn’t he look like an intellectual?


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  1. He now looks like he should be a General at Evil Bulldog Headuarters, plotting the imminent invasion by his forces.

  2. He looks angry. My brother puts my hair bands on my cat’s tail sometimes. she looks angry when we do that, too.

  3. He does look really studious!

  4. Yes, WB. You have never looked more intellectual and wise.

    Love and licks and what is it about glasses,

  5. Your blog always makes me smile and/or commiserate. For this, I am deeply grateful! The glasses actually suit Wonderbutt.

  6. i’m so happy I read this today because it’s enlightened me. I think bandit would do much better with his lessons if he had hearing aids! *going to petsmart*

  7. How long before a) dog slobber, and/or b) it turned into a new chew toy?

  8. Perhaps Wonderbutt needs some doggles?

  9. Wow! Bring on the Chaucer!

  10. My kids love to do this to my dogs too. The dogs sigh audibly when it happens, but they still sit there. Sideways, like Wonderbutt, which always cracks me up.

  11. I would definitely trust him to do my taxes. And then eat them.

  12. Haha, I had a facebook profile picture that looked a bit like this once, only I didn’t have a dog wearing the glasses, just me.

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