Do You Think This Could Work on Eliot Spitzer?

Well, I’m not sure what I could possibly say at this point to get back the 7 readers who visited my blog today.  I think I actually had more readers the very first day I posted than have visited today.  I can only deduce that I offended all of the men in the universe with my “complisult” post, and burned off the eyeballs of pretty much everyone else with my “twerking” post.  I would like to blame it on the Labor Day weekend, but even though I am a self-centered American, I am pretty sure that we are the only country celebrating that right now – so that doesn’t explain why my 2 Bolivian fans or the guy in Martinique who religiously reads every post have suddenly deserted me.  A big shout out to Singapore, though!  Way to prove your loyalty!  Thanks for not ditching me – or for at least convincing two people to visit my blog every day.

It’s clear that I’ve been a bit too self-involved, lately, and that is obviously turning away readers.  So, I hope I can coax at least the males back by sharing a new invention that I discovered recently.  By “discovered”, I do not mean that I invented it.  I mean that I was wandering the internet, looking for more diseases to pin on my Pathophobic Pinterest Board, and came across this post which I bookmarked under “Things that I May Want to Blog About in the Future Because They Are a Bit Unusual.”    And, though this does not directly effect human males, any couple who has decided to get their dog neutered knows that there is always one person, usually the one with the most testosterone, who argues against the necessity of this “barbaric” surgery as he subconsciously protects his own groin area.

Ladies and Gentlemen – mostly gentlemen – I give you the Stud Stopper.  You’re welcome.

Do me a favor, please, and don't mention the existence of this device to Wonderbutt.  It's too late for him.

Do me a favor, please, and don’t mention the existence of this device to Wonderbutt. Sadly, it’s too late for him.
photo credit: Stud Stopper




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  1. Ah I’m confused. How did you insult them or what?

  2. It just goes to show that if there is a need somebody, someday will invent something to sell you for it. Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. I know the feeling. I myself am big in Croatia.

  4. Um, wow. What will people think of next? I’ve had low views lately. Back to school and Labor Day weekend probably.

  5. Just so you know, I loved your complisult post. My wife has suffered some of those you mention on more than one occasion. I always feel like punching the people who do that.

    Do you know if the stud-stopper works for leg-humping as well? I’m pretty sure it won’t stop them from lifting their leg against everything…

    • Well, thank you! By completely omitting anything to do with pregnancy, you successfully complimented me!

      Your question about the stud-stopper is a good one. If it does work for that, I might actually need to invest in one for Wonderbutt. He does have the unfortunate habit of accosting guests to our home that way. I think he might need more than a flap of material to discourage him, though – some sort of shock therapy would be more effective.

  6. Mom thinks I might need that. I’m a girl, but sometimes I give my bed some inappropriate “attention”. *gulp*

    Love and licks,

  7. The comments on that link were disappointing. I had hoped they’d be funnier and more judgmental. Although it was amusing that, though their post was about mating dogs, the censor chose to block out the proper term for female dog. That made me laugh.

    For what it’s worth, I quit looking at my stats a long time ago. I’m finding it’s just not good for me!

  8. Still chuckling – you are an invaluable source of information! It’s the long weekend in Canada, too, if that makes you feel any better. Only the traffic to my “free and naked” post has been sustaining me. Title your next post “We’re all free! And naked!”, and I guarantee you’ll get a massive boost in blog traffic. 😉

  9. wow. stud stopped. you, once again, have enlightened me. I had NO IDEA. and now that I know, I kinda wish I could un-know this one. I also didn’t know about doggy condoms. I am too frightened to google it.

  10. Eliot Spitzer is running for Comptroller, a position basically responsible for keeping an eye on the checkbook of NYC.
    His latest campaign add touts everything he’s done for women (including the 18 yr old he was sleeping with that ended his term as mayor).

    Yay for the helping women and all, but what the hell does that have to do with maintaining the fiscal health of the city???

    Sorry for the rant. Politics. Meh.
    I think I’ll just write in Wonderbutt on that ballot.

  11. I am sure it’s part of human nature to care about the stats of your blog. I care about mine and I know only family and friends know the address so… It’s not like my stats can even go “up”.

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