He is Not Satiated – And May Soon (Well, Maybe One Day) Be Emaciated – Meaning I Have Definitely Not Ingratiated Myself to Wonderbutt

Wonderbutt is not pleased with me right now.  It’s quite possible our leather furniture, which has lasted over a year according to our countdown widget, may be in jeopardy.

We recently took him to the vet, and he weighed a whopping 77 pounds.  Technically, he is supposed to be around 50 pounds.  So, he is now on new food that is,  ironically, called, “Satiety.”  And he DOES. NOT. LIKE. IT.

My first clue was when I woke up this morning, and he was waiting forlornly in the hall for me.  Cap’n Firepants gets up long before me on the weekends, and was already out and about.  I went into the kitchen to get some breakfast, and Wonderbutt tagged along.  He walked straight to his food dish, and nosed around it.

I heard food moving, and looked at the dish.  If the Cap’n had already fed him, then the food should have been long gone.  Wonderbutt never leaves food in his dish.

Until now.

He looked up at me, as if to say, “Look what that idiot fed me this morning.  Can you give me some real food now?”

I tried mixing some of his old food in with the new.

Nothing doing.  Of course, there are other things I could add to the food to make it more palatable, but that would kind of defeat the calorie reduction purpose of this whole enterprise.

The Cap’n seems to think Wonderbutt can stand a couple of days without eating, and that he will eat the food when he gets hungry.

I am absolutely certain Wonderbutt will eat when he gets hungry.  The problem is – I don’t think it will be the food.

It’s pretty bad when a dog who has no problem eating a carpet padding, books, hair barrettes, dead geckoes, and the foam of several sofa cushions refuses to eat his kibble.

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Please send all donations to feedthestarvingbulldog@wonderbutt.org-anicfoodsux

Wonderbutt maintains a safe distance from the offending food bowl.

Wonderbutt maintains a safe distance from the offending food bowl.

Dimples uses her power of persuasion to attempt to convince Wonderbutt to eat.  Didn't work.

Dimples uses her power of persuasion to attempt to convince Wonderbutt to eat. Didn’t work.


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  1. He has exactly the same look on his face as my cat did when I put her on a diet! Pure and utter disgust.

  2. That is insane. Bella weighs 11 pounds!!!

  3. It’s so funny how picky pets can be. I have to buy the exact same food for my cat or else she won’t eat it. It can be chicken flavored, but if it’s not the right chicken it’s a big problem. Although she could stand to lose some weight, too. I don’t want her to end up diabetic and stuff.

    • Wonderbutt limps a little sometimes because he can’t handle all of that weight on his tiny, stubby legs. The problem is that I can’t get him to exercise because he wears out after about 2 minutes.

  4. My husband said he eventually will eat it. I feel sorry for dogs having to eat dog food even when they do like it. I always imagine how I’d feel eating a bowl of dry cereal every day for every meal.

  5. Maybe he doesn’t like the new food because it doesn’t have enough iron.
    Got a folding chair you can feed him?

  6. Poor Wonderbutt. At least you’re not feeding him leaves and trying to convince him they’re nice to eat.

    • So, shockingly, Wonderbutt likes to eat tree leaves. He tracks them in from outside, finds them on the floor later, and gobbles them up. Maybe I should just scatter his food all over the floor so he can feel like he’s getting away with something when he eats it.

  7. GAH! Poor WB. Sometimes if I weigh 22 or 23, Mom puts me on treat restriction till I’m back to 21. She says that’s my “fighting weight”. But there’s no fighting treat restriction. Or horrible tasting food. Dig in, WB. You can’t fight this and win.

    Love and licks,

  8. When I first got Phoebe, she came with a food that she would not touch with a ten foot pole. She somehow still remained chubby. I found her a food she likes, reduced it a little at a time, and then broke it into two meals. There is less of her to love, but she is obsessed with meal-time. There is no way to win.

    • I thought food reduction would work with Wonderbutt – mostly because I didn’t want to pay extra for “special” food. But I was wrong. I think someone is feeding him during the day when I’m not home. Either that or he is more adept at catching the squirrels in our back yard than I thought.

  9. Y’all hold strong. I would have for sure pulled out the regular food after his face in the first picture.

    • Nah. He always gives us that face. He has perfected the “Feel Sorry For Me” expression. Besides, you have tons of experience with someone who refuses to eat what you put in front of him, and look at how you have persevered!

  10. Love your title! Aw, the poor starving widdle puppy…

  11. yeah, mix some bacon grease, chicken, couch cushions, important papers, and kitchen trash in there and he’ll eat it right up! oh, wait……………………. ;o)

  12. I’ve had to get creative to get my cat to eat certain food. I wish I could just explain things to animals: “No, you have to eat this for health reasons.” Of course, people would never resort to eating couch cushions, right?

    • Gosh, explaining things to people doesn’t work, (at least not to my 10 year old) so I don’t think it would be very helpful with Wonderbutt either. Trickery is always the best option for dogs and people, I’ve found.

  13. I’m with WB – diet food sucks. I believe there are many brands – maybe he will like a different one better…
    Good luck! I hope you and WB find something that works for both of you 😉

  14. maybe wonderbutt can go swimming in his life jacket again to cut down the calories 😀

  15. Some diet food tastes like foam cushions. Too bad WB doesn’t agree. That face must be hard to resist.

  16. There is a small poodle who is a fan of this site and she eats a special diet, called a barf diet. Bones and raw food. Their website is barfaustralia.com. The small poodle was not put on this diet because she needed to lose weight but because she scratched a lot and we thought it would help skin allergies. She has stopped scratching and is in great condition. This week as a special treat she is having liver as well to supplement her diet. It might be worth thinking about because WB would love to eat the barf stuff. Just my two bobs worth. Sorry it wasn’t funny.

  17. Obviously you couldn’t get the actual barf stuff in Austin but I am sure you would find something similar (just to clarify that I don’t expect you to import his food from Australia – that would be ludicrous).

  18. Ahhh Wonderbutt! When does diet food EVER taste good?! 🙂

  19. After having a picky child, I would just flip if I had to deal with a picky dog! I’d put that diet food in a bowl and say “Eat it or starve!” And of course remove all sofa cushions…

  20. What about adding a can of carrots, greenbeans, or peas (wait, the last would be too gaseous for him). That might extend the dry tasteless stuff. Good luck.

  21. O Wonderbutt, I feel your pain. Good job I have my Harringtons.

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