I Think He’s Implying that I’m Shark Bait If I Don’t Give in Soon

Quick recap:  Our bulldog, Wonderbutt is on a diet.  He does not like the new food.  So, now he is texting me his displeasure.

Wonderbutt Hates His Food


Shark Bait


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  1. Looks like the shark is taking a beating over this, WB. I’m sorry about your diet, but at least you have your own cell phone. …..and half of a shark toy….

    Love and licks,

  2. I gotta say, I hate being on a diet, too…

  3. wait. does he sleep on a toddler bed??? that is hysterical. (poor shark.) I do feel mildly sorry for wb, but I don’t like a strong willed dog. ;o)

  4. He will give in soon. I hope.

  5. I don’t know who looks sadder, Wonderbutt or Sharkhead?

  6. Um…instead of feeding you to sharks, wouldn’t WB just eat you?

  7. See that face? That’s how I look when I’m trying to cut back, too.

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