Wonderbutt Goes to Starbucks

I always wanted a Starbucks dog.

You know the type.  The owner sits at sidewalk table sipping her coffee while the dog calmly snoozes on the ground behind her chair.  His tail wags every once in awhile as other people approach and ask leave to pet him.  The owner smiles and nods, and everyone comments on the laid-back canine’s sophistication and fine manners.

It was pretty clear nearly from the outset that Wonderbutt would not be a Starbucks dog.

An animal who Poops as He Walks (and farts to the beat of the Texas Two-Step when he is still) is generally not welcomed by patrons of eating establishments or coffee shops.

Nevertheless, after nearly 3 years of holding out hope that Wonderbutt would one day develop some social graces, I decided to stop waiting for San Antonio Hell to freeze over and just take him to Starbucks anyway.

When I informed my husband (the long suffering Cap’n Firepants) of this plan, he gave me the why-don’t-you-just-check-yourself-into- a-mental-hospital-and-save-us-all-a-lot-of-trouble look that he has been giving me more and more often lately.

But he has learned that I must make my own mistakes because, like Wonderbutt, I will scratch my butt when I have an itch – even if it means that I am going to fall over backwards and bonk my head on the concrete floor.

I was grimly certain that this was going to turn into some kind of Marley and Me fiasco, with the not too remote chance of being banned from every Starbucks in the universe after an episode of Wonderbutt humping a few customers, wrapping his leash around a table, and dragging it into the adjacent Trader Joe’s parking lot.

But I figured, “At least I make sure he poops before we leave the house.”

I used my new trick of letting him into the part of the yard where he is never allowed to poop which, of course, makes it inevitable that he will indeed defecate right on the walking path.  I sealed the deal by dramatically declaring, “Oh, no!  Please don’t poop there!”  And, of course, that is exactly what he did.

Then, we hopped in the car to take Dimples to swim practice, and continued on to Starbucks with my backpack full of plastic bags for the rest of the poop that I knew would follow as soon as Wonderbutt realized that his “movements” were restricted.

Cap’n Firepants met me at Starbucks, and sat outside with Wonderbutt as I picked up our order.  Then, the three of us hung out under the shade – waiting.

I was waiting for Wonderbutt to invent a new way to embarrass me, but it seems that I was doomed to be disappointed.  Although he was certainly not the laid-back Starbucks dog of my dreams, he was surprisingly well-behaved.  There were two other groups of people on the patio – who completely ignored him.   Other than approaching every new person that entered the area in the hope of licking them, Wonderbutt remained by us – alert, but somewhat disappointed by the lack of attention he was receiving.  He didn’t seem to understand the point of this new activity, but was not completely adverse to sacrificing the boredom of the lonely kitchen for this exciting change of scenery.

Overall, to the surprise of all parties involved, the experiment was a success.  Wonderbutt lasted two hours at Starbucks without getting us kicked out or threatened with a lawsuit.  I guess, if I want blog fodder, I will have to become a bit more adventurous.

Stay tuned for the next installment: Wonderbutt Goes to Church and Burps During the Homily.

Don’t worry.  I’ll still bring the plastic bags – just in case.

Please come over here, nice stranger.  I promise not to fart.

Please come over here, nice stranger. I promise not to fart.

I don't understand why everyone is sitting so far away from me.  Do I smell or something?

I don’t understand why everyone is sitting so far away from me. Do I smell or something?




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  1. Well done, WB! Starbucks! Awesome. Mom brought me to an outdoor breakfast cafe once, and I nearly broke her arm off while she buttered her bagel. We haven’t been back. I hear you’re going to church! Hee Hee!

    Love and licks,

  2. Your bravery astounds me. Your descriptions slay me! “…farts to the beat of the Texas Two-Step”! Hahaha!

  3. He’s such a sweetie, I don’t know why he didn’t get more attention! Maybe it’s that underbite thing he has going on or maybe he slipped out a few silent ones.

  4. You didn’t get him a Cappuccino for his good behavior? LoL
    Perhaps he’ll sing (?) a hymn or two in church..

  5. Maybe it was peer pressure that he behaved. He didn’t want to look foolish in front of strangers.

  6. If its any consolation, Bella is not particularly impressive at a cafe, either… She’s been known to snatch food from toddlers. Not a great way to be invited back.

  7. I wouldn’t had much faith in him either! Way to go, WB!

  8. Wow. Super brave of all of you. I would be way to afraid of stsangers trying to pet Louise.

    • Is that because of what they would do to her, or the other way around?

      • Louise came to us very fearful at 4 months old with many scars. She takes a long time to warm up to people, especially men and people in hats. I can only guess her fears. Maybe it is the protective Alpha in me that does not put her in many people intense situations. We go to the park and we go to the pet store, so she does interact some.

  9. Good for him! That is impressive. Dogs can be full of surprises I guess. I’ve started taking mine into the grocery stores, etc. I pretend he’s a service dog, but got caught by a manager last time we went into Crest. 🙂

  10. Looking forward to the church experiment!

  11. How did they not run over?? Bless him!

  12. Bless him. I would have been over in a heartbeat to say hello with him. Did you get them to write wonderbutt on the coffee you ordered? that would have been brilliant!!

  13. i’m really impressed. i asked hubby if we could take bandit to siclovia and he asked me if i was crazy. so, i guess we’re not ready for starbucks yet?

    • What was the deal? I didn’t find out about Siclovia this year until it was actually happening! Am I that much in a hole, or did they do absolutely NO advertising this time?

      We can’t take Wonderbutt to Siclovia unless we bring a wagon or something. He would putter out by the time we walked one block. After he pooped, of course.

  14. You are a brave woman to take His Majesty. I do hope you gave the clerk his name when you ordered. I would love to have seen the eyes fly open at that. Thanks for sharing. I had a grand giggle.

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