I’m Sorry Google Dissed You, Bill Fagerbakke

It’s been a crazy week.  Which is probably good because the craziness took my mind off my birthday for the most part.  And I know I’m supposed to be glad I managed to live another year.  But I would be gladder if it had been my 29th year of living instead of my 40-something-ish.  And if forty-something wasn’t so close to 50.  And if I could read the small print on my 50 different medication bottles.

I usually keep my birthday kind of on the DL, but I got foiled by Google this year.

I logged in to Google at work, and saw a lovely Google birthday logo.

“Wow!  Susan Sarandon is so famous, even Google is wishing her a happy birthday!  Or, maybe, this special design is for Bill Fagerbakke, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, who also happens to share this special day with me.  Oh, silly me, it’s probably in honor of Jon Secada, famous singer of ‘Just Another Day’ that reached #5 on the pop charts in the US in 1992.”

I rolled over the logo to see if there would be an informative pop-up revealing the celebrity’s name.

And almost fell out of my chair when Google wished me, personally, a Happy Birthday.

My work set up our Google accounts.  Apparently they don’t subscribe to my “give a fake birthday for all your online accounts” philosophy.

Of course, this just means that I am going to receive Birthday Wishes about 6 times a year now, since I have 5 other Google accounts that are not work-related.  And I kind of fudged a bit on those birthdays.

I sure hope Jon Secada checked out his logo last Friday.  Nothing beats the special feeling you get when you find out that Google gives you a message that says, “Good job on not dying yet and, by the way, we know everything about you.

It sure does make that day special.


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  1. Happy birthday from another 40-something, over-medicated Libran. Here’s to ya’! 🙂


  3. Happy birthday!! And if you get presents on all those extra days then it’s not so bad

  4. That would be disconcerting – happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday! I saw that google thing and didn’t pay any attention to it on my birthday because then I’d just be sad I wasn’t have any actual cake. Also, I hope you remember those fake birthdays. I got locked out of a bunch of accounts because I used fake birthdays and can’t remember what I used.

    • Yeah, I’m starting to overload on the fake birthdays and fake answers to questions like, “Mother’s maiden name.” That’s why I don’t lie in my real life – just in my virtual one. I’m far too lazy to keep track of all of those things.

  6. Every time I use a made up name or birthday to get a newsletter delivered to another junk email account, I wonder if I am really fooling anybody. My IT professional son always uses Nuna Bizness for those and has started getting actual mail in his USPS box with that name and his address, which he never gave them.

    I will have to watch for the google birthday. If… I can remember what date I gave them. I know – It will be a surprise birthday!

  7. It’s so cool that Google does this, isn’t it? And kinda creepy. Makes me want to go off the grid and start wearing a tinfoil hat. Anyway, congratulations on not dying and all 😉

  8. Happy birthday! Well, guess what is even more special- google and I share the SAME birthday! 🙂 so on my bday there was a piñata on the homepage- but everyone had it! I am just so lucky!!

  9. Ugh! Google! Those filthy pigs! How DARE they wish you a happy birthday!??! What part of ‘on the DL’ do they not understand? Maybe they should Google it. Wait. What? GAH! Happy Birthday! You’re alive! Yay!

  10. Happy birthday, I love that Google has decided to let slip your little secret and that we all get to celebrate your special day at least 6 more times this year – can we have cake?

  11. I hope your birthday was great. 50 is the new 30, girl! We can do this! And evidently Google knows it. 😉

  12. Happy birthday, whenever it is.

  13. Jon Secada should get a bulldog if he wants to be famous again.

    Happy birthday! (From someone who cares so litle about his age he often has to check his license when asked.)

  14. google is your dad (I say this because my dad always remembers my birthday – which is quite a feat at his age – and mine). and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! congrats on not dying for one more year and may your next year be just as successful. 😀

  15. I have a facebook friend who put on a fake birthdate (or more than one, I don’t know!) and every time it tells me that it’s her birthday I laugh and write something like, “Happy birthday. ha ha.” Original, I know. I just want her to know that I know. Like it matters. I wish her happy birthday on her real day, too. Just to be obnoxious.

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