I May Live Under a Rock, But at Least I Didn’t Trip Over It

One of my good friends sent me an e-card this weekend for my birthday.  It included this message:

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 9.51.48 PM

I am well-known in my set for my clumsiness.  So, I assumed this was another way of saying,  “hope you don’t break your neck after somehow surviving your own ineptitude for 45 years.”

It wasn’t until, 24-hours later, my daughter and I were in the car listening to NPR, and I realized that there was another kind of gravity I was supposed to enjoy.

And it involves George Clooney.  (and Sandra Bullock)

Now, that’s my kind of gravity.

Don’t worry, George!  I won’t let go!


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  1. So did you? Enjoy Gravity, that is…?

  2. Gravity is good. Both kinds.

  3. For a minute I thought your friend may be implying you may drink so much you will be lying on the floor holding onto it in case you fall off! (Does that reflect badly on you or me – I’m not sure?)

  4. Hope the Cap’n treats you to a fun dinner and a movie date (among other things) for your birthday.

    (And if needed, I hear gravity is a great movie, but might need Dramamine for those who use it…)

  5. Happy birthday! I can’t wait to see Gravity, too. It looks amazing!

  6. Oh my goodness, I saw Gravity on Sunday and it was just…wow. And there were also two elderly ladies there that talked through the whole thing, and you know they were only there because they’d heard George Clooney was in it. I hope you enjoy it and don’t have old ladies talking loudly during all the quiet parts of the movie. And being racist…

  7. I have been a klutz my entire life..I choose to believe it’s a sign of being creative. No idea how those things are related, but I choose to believe it anyway

    • I think the connection is quite obvious. Creative people refuse to be intimidated by obstacles. Sometimes we’re so busy avoiding them that we trip over our own two feet. Literally and figuratively!

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