If We Were in Biology Class, This Would Be The Frog

I told Wonderbutt not to stay that way for too long or someone might think he's ready for dissection.

I told Wonderbutt not to stay that way for too long or someone might think he’s ready for dissection.


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  1. A couple of years ago, I bought my Dad a charcuterie class for his birthday. We did it together. It involved deboning a rabbit. We each received a skinned rabbit ready for us to experiment on. My Dad said it looked like Bella (my poodle, for the uninitiated) with no fur. And, he was right.

    I have never been able to look at a rabbit the same way since.

  2. Reminds me of my older son taking a nap…

  3. Thank you for sparing us the southern exposure.

  4. Now, that is not a pretty sight. (But it made me laugh.) 🙂

  5. “Belly-Rub, Mommy.. Belly-Rub, please.” Great Picture..!! 🙂

  6. He wouldn’t last long in my house like that. I think he’d be embarrassed. Maybe need some clothes or something. My kids would have a field day with his nakedness.

  7. He’s so pink with spots! There isn’t much hair. I hope you have a jacket for him for the winter! (Still I get an urge to rub it. Maybe I need therapy.)

  8. Never would have thought WB had all those spots! That position just looks … Awkward?

  9. A little too lumpy to make a good carpet…

  10. I love the cheeks flopping open. Perfect!

  11. I wore a “cut class not frogs” t-shirt to my biology class the day we had to dissect the frogs. My partner made me do all of it. I ended up leaving early.

  12. He’s relaxed that’s for sure!

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