Lately, I have been the unfortunate target of Well-Meaning People.

One of my students begged to help me after school every day for two weeks.  Once he got all of his late work turned in, I finally accepted his offer.  I needed to update a bunch of iPads, and his help was greatly appreciated.

You can see where this is going, right?

I’ll spare you the excruciating story.  And I will tell you that iPads with cracked screens work surprisingly well – until someone complains about getting glass on her fingertips every time she swipes.  Picky, picky.

Interestingly enough, the next incident also involved iTechnology.  In this second story, my daughter is the well-meaning person.  I’m not sure she was directing her well-meaning toward me or herself, but I guess that is not the point.  Yesterday afternoon, she suddenly felt the extreme urge to clean something out.  Instead of applying this new desire for minimalism to her closet or dresser drawers, she decided that she was going to clean out the Contacts on her iPod Touch.

“I got rid of all the people I don’t know,” she told me proudly.

It took a minute for me to recall that our devices are actually registered to the same account.  And that the reason she had people she didn’t know under her Contacts was because I had added them to my Contacts at some point.  And that the same Cloud that divvies out all of these names and numbers and addresses to all of my various pieces of technology just got a whole lot lighter when my daughter dumped all of the people who mean absolutely nothing to her, completely oblivious to the fact that they were there in the first place because they meant something to me.

And that. was. not. a. good. thing.

So, now, I can FaceTime whenever I like with the girl who sits next to her on the bus.

But I can’t call the doctor whose name I could never remember, which resulted in him being filed under “Stomach Guy.”

I hope the bus girl doesn’t charge for phone consultations about bloating and colonoscopies.



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  1. That’s excruciating, good luck with the retrieval process !

  2. Thanks! I figure I’ll find out who is really important in my life this way!

  3. Oh. Not A Good Thing. At all. I hope you had backups…

  4. Yikes! Sorry and I can feel the hair being pulled out roots and all. Good luck getting the folks back. I could call on the patron saint of lost items. Maybe lost people can be located, too. Would that help?

  5. Oh no!!! On all accounts. I have heard similar stories about the shared cloud. Maybe bus friend can point you in the direction of stomach doctor. 🙂

  6. I hope she didn’t delete me.

  7. Did you ever sync to iTunes? If you did, they might still be there. Otherwise, take 2 aspirin and don’t call me in the morning.

  8. I did that in a non-techie way when I was a little girl. We inherited boxes of sheet music from an aunt, and one day I threw away all the songs I didn’t know.

  9. Oh technology. Sometimes more frustrating than it was created to be. Or maybe it was created to be that frustrating…

    • I know that a lot of people would be saying, “That’s why I write it all down in a real address book.” But I would have lost the real address book a long time ago. Or Wonderbutt would have eaten it.

  10. O dear, pour yourself a big glass of wine!!

  11. Thank you for this wake up call! I must immediately remove my son’s iPod from my cloud! I only use the contacts on my phone, and I can just envision this happening at my house.

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