Decisions, Decisions

If your child is not a Rainbow Loom fanatic, then you are truly missing out.  Just about every kid I know, boys and girls, are carrying around cases of miniature rubber bands and looming like crazy whenever they have a spare moment.  The other day, I kid you not, a group of girls created a Rainbow Loom jump-rope during recess time.

Finding a birthday gift that is Rainbow Loom-related these days should be easy.  The problem is trying to find something the kid wants, but doesn’t have.  So, I was thrilled to discover this book on Amazon that seems to be difficult to find.  There’s two sellers, though.  Which one do you think I should choose?

Rainbow Loom book


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  1. How can you possibly put a price on Dimple’s love for her Rainbow Loom…?

  2. Oh, definitely go for the $1000 one. After all, you get what you pay for.

    …or not…

  3. Oh my goodness what a difference! It has to be a mistake right?

  4. At that price, that book must be fascinating. I can’t wait to see what happens at the end……

  5. What the hell is a rainbow loom?

  6. A what now? I doubt it’s worth $16.95. The $1000 sounds def more legit.

  7. Oh get the obviously fancier version of the book. It will be well worth the $$$$$!

  8. No time to comment. Have to google “Rainbow Loom”

  9. Sooo my kids somehow escaped the Rainbow Loom phenomen until just like last week. And I am still marveling at the Rainbow Loom jump rope…

  10. Boys love it! Even 8 year old ones that think everything is “girly”.

  11. The littlest one in my family loves this toy. She’s 8 and has made about 100 things.

  12. Squish wants a loom. Um, yeah. Tiny rubber bands. I’ll get right on that.

    I would go for the $1000 one. It’s probably gold-leafed and is considered currency in 15 countries.

  13. I’m dying at the commenters who don’t know what Rainbow Loom is. There are people out there who don’t know? Oh what has my life become? The fact that I have found a candy corn on Pinterest for my kid to make is now a new low. The good news is, my kid has a loom and I don’t have to stress the high prices or not finding one for Christmas. Crisis averted. $1000. My guess is someone else overpaid. 😉

  14. HAHAHAHA…yes, the $1000 will show you care

  15. As you said decisions, decisions!!

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