I’m The Only Person Who Actually LOSES Money By Writing a Blog

I was deeply engrossed in typing a thought-provoking post for my teaching blog yesterday with my faithful bulldog, Wonderbutt, happily chewing on one of his many bones a few feet away from me.  After about 30 minutes of peace, my daughter walked into the room, and screeched.  I jumped and reluctantly dragged myself away from a passionate sentence I was in the middle of writing.  When I followed the direction of Dimples’ horrified gaze, I saw Wonderbutt exactly where he had been the entire time.  His leg was covered in blood and there was a sea of red on the floor surrounding him.

I leapt out of the chair, and ran to him, horrified at the pain he must be in (as well as the thought of more veterinary bills) – only to discover that he was chewing on the cap of a red marker.  The marker, itself, had apparently already been ingested.  It was evident from the appearance of Wonderbutt’s leg and the carpeting, though, that none of the ink actually made it into his stomach.

I didn’t yell at him.  I was too mad at myself for being oblivious while he painstakingly set about destroying yet another square yard of our carpeting 3 feet from where I was sitting.

I got my revenge, however, when I dragged out our portable carpet cleaner, and hit the button for it to do its automated scrubbing. Wonderbutt was confused by the noisy interloper, and slowly approached the menace.  Just as he got close, the SpotBot finished its cycle, and started beeping, nearly creating a bulldog pancake on our popcorn ceiling.

Note to self:  when cleaning the carpet with a loud, unpredictable machine, remove Wonderbutt from the vicinity.  A frightened Wonderbutt tends to create even more spots on the carpet.

markerdamage spotbot


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  1. djtoasterbiscuit

    In love with Wonderbutt. Best dog ever!

  2. Too funny!! 😂



  3. Oh Wonderbutt…

  4. SSFAM – I SO feel your pain…

    (Loving the snow!)

  5. At first glance, it does look rather alarming…

  6. The joy of dog ownership – priceless!

  7. O bless him…although I can’t imagine that was the exact wording that went through your head at the time!!

  8. Should we worry about the marker he ate or is this his standard diet? That picture is scary. Dimples may need therapy.

  9. WTH, WB!?!? Why did you waste all that ink? Don’tcha know you’re supposed to drink the ink first, and then eat the marker. Work on your technique, buddy…..

    Love and licks,

  10. Ah, the joys of being sucked into the blog-sessed mode. 😉

  11. Wonderbutt’s expression is priceless, especially as he gives the vacuum cleaner the stink eye. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hahaha..great pictures!!!

  13. The now departed Moosedawg tended to wreak his havoc outside. In the Missus’ garden. Which explains the time he walked into the basement, sparking as he walked along the concrete floor, because he was wearing a metal tomato trellis that ha has somehow walked halfway through.Seriously. I miss that 100-pound moose. The Missus does not. At all.

  14. Oh my god, that last photo is KILLING me! HAHAHAHAHA!

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