I’m Starting to Think a Minecraft House is a Good Idea

Wonderbutt the War-Waging Bulldog has been on a literal tear lately.  Markers, socks, Rainbow Loom rubber bands – nothing is safe from him.  I would threaten him with coal in his stocking, but he would just eat that, too.  The coal and the stocking.

We came home the other day to find that the kitchen was Ground Zero.  Placemats, kitchen towels, newspapers, and Dimples’ book were all victims of Wonderbutt’s fury.  And just when we thought we had it all cleaned up, we found one of Dimples’ birthday cards right outside the dog door, like a welcome mat for the Poop Pen.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance cover this?  Or is it considered an “Act of God”?  Maybe an “Act of Dog”?

(Click on the thumbnails to see a larger view of mass destruction.)


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  1. Now that the quarter is over I will try to figure out the symbolism of putting the card outside…

  2. I just found out that our dog has been stashing things in the backyard. He sure gets away with anything.

  3. Thanks for your outstanding work, WB. I suddenly look like the best behaved little doggie in the world.

    Love and licks and you should work on your innocent look,

  4. Look at the face – how could you be cross with him?!

  5. Wonderbutt says the neighbor cat did it!

  6. Oh no WB! And to be this naughty around Christmas time!!

  7. I was thinking the same this morning.:)

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