In Case You’re Wondering What I’ve Been Doing

One of my depression-combatting strategies is to watch hours of sitcoms with my bulldog, Wonderbutt, snoring and farting in my lap.  I’m not really sure if it’s the sitcoms, Wonderbutt, or the inhalation of gases that actually help, but I’ve been too lazy to change any of the variables in the attempt to conduct a scientific investigation.  The most recent sitcom therapy has been “Modern Family” for the sole reason that one of the networks has been running “Modern Family” marathons during the past couple of weeks.  However, they alternate them with “NCIS” marathons, which seem to have the opposite effect on my temperament.  I tell you, this T.V. watching can be a real roller-coaster for the psyche.

The other problem with watching “Modern Family” is that I’m not sure it’s actually improving my mood, so much as altering my personality.  After watching for a few hours, I have a keen desire to go to dinner with the gay brother that I don’t have or to call Claire and challenge her to a battle of the neurotic perfectionists.  Even worse, I start speaking in a thick Colombian accent, saying things like, “Aiii!  After all those years with Peg, who knew Al Bundy could be so sweet and charming?”  I have a tendency to immerse myself in fictional worlds, in case you couldn’t tell.

These issues could be avoided, of course, if someone just decided to make a sitcom out of my own life.  I already mentally explain things to a camera-man half the time, anyway, so putting an actual camera in front of me would not be a stretch.  Then I would could watch my own show for hours with Wonderbutt snoring and farting on my lap, and become myself – which would be a welcome change.

Or I might become Wonderbutt.

Some might say that would be an improvement.


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  1. I have been wondering what you’ve been doing. I’m mad because I don’t get to watch Modern Family until it’s been out for a week because of the new rules ABC just put out and I don’t have cable. I do the same thing, though; getting immersed in fictional worlds. Mad Men… It was probably a good idea that i only half paid attention to Breaking Bad.

    I seem to have a thing for shows with alliterate titles.

    I’d watch a reality show about your life. Or a fictional show. Any show really.

    • Yes, from what I heard about Breaking Bad, I could tell that would not be a good one for me to try out! As for Modern Family, I haven’t watched anything current – just the syndicated reruns. And they are all out of order. So, one minute Gloria is pregnant, and the next minute she is not. It’s a bit confusing.

  2. Welcome back! I think being Wonderbutt would be a pretty good life – all he does is eat, sleep, and fart (with an occasional bout of property destruction) and people love him anyway. Where do I sign up?

  3. I always daydream about the actress who would play me if they made my life a sitcom. That is the best part of the fantasy. Should I go with some strikingly gorgeous or someone funny. With my luck, they’ll pick a Phyllis Diller lookalike.

  4. Modern Family is a wonderful place to immerse yourself. Cosby Show is a close second.

  5. Miranda Gargasz

    I’ve never seen Modern Family, but I’m told by my friend that the show reminds her of me. I’m frightened to watch because something tells me that may not be a good thing……When I die want to come back as a dog to the most ridiculously loving owner in the world. THAT would be the life. I’m sure Wonderbutt would second that opinion seeing as how you still love him despite the occasional eaten sofa.

  6. Can I suggest you avoid True Blood, SSFAM?

  7. The fumes from doggy farts can cause you to hallucinate. As for me, I watch very little television, but I find that “The Big Bang Theory” always makes me laugh.

    • Yes, I agree that Big Bang is great therapy, too! When I am in a bad mood, all my daughter has to say is, “Never play bongos when walking down the stairs!” Which is really great advice when you think about it…

  8. I did that once, but now I associate old sitcoms I rewatch with specific points in time… Terrible, terrible, terrible. But in the short term, totally viable.

  9. glad you are back. I DID wonder where you’d gone. I’ve been in a Netflix/downton abbey hole, so it’s not difficult for me to imagine you steeped in modern family. I’ve been waking up alternating between calling hubby “my lord” or quoting what i think are funny mobster lines to him. (i’m pretty sure he can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow.)

  10. I HAVE been wondering and worried!

  11. It’s odd that most of the talk is about TV shows. I usually don’t watch sitcoms, but I know how addictive they can be – many years ago I used to watch the soap operas. BTW, have you tried wearing a gas mask when you have Wonderbutt on your lap?

  12. Good to see you, and glad you’re still kicking butt!
    (No, I wasn’t even thinking about saying sniffing.)

  13. I’m with Sunshinebright – a good scarf might work wonders against the Butt!

    I’ve been away from the Us for over 8 years and never heard of this show. My guilty pleasure is any of the CSI shows: because I don’t have to care about the characters. Win!

  14. I’ve missed you! Definitely have missed chatting with you on here. And hey, Modern Family is a pretty good way to shake off the blues. 🙂 I’d LOVE to hear you chattering away with a fab Colombian accent too. Hugs, lady!

  15. Tonight I finally had a chance to read my emails. Stress, stress, ridiculous, spam, junk then I hit next and there you both were. You get lost in sitcoms I get lost in your world. Thanks for the visuals and giving me a few seconds of stinky lovable fun.

  16. I wondered what happen to you. I love Modern Family and have fantasized about being apart of their family. I would want to live with Cam and Mitch. I could be the female influence for Lily and cut up with Cam, too. 🙂

  17. Sometimes I think fictional words are the best!!

  18. LOVE. That. Show! FYI, Manny is exactly who I was just about 15 years ago.

    Glad you and Wonderbutt are back!!

  19. I also would like to join “Modern Family” – I could be Cam’s aunt, who is trying desperately to stay young.(and repeating herself constantly to her deaf husband)

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