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I’m Just Not That Into Me

Yesterday I posted about the plethora of awards that have appeared on my metaphorical doorstep in the last week, and promised to reveal a final one today.  It is the “7×7” Award, which was granted to me by the fine lady at Hobbling Around.  So far, she is the only one who has bestowed this great honor upon me, so I must be doing something wrong – a fact that became all too clear as I settled down to do some of the research the “7×7” Award entails.

You see, the “7×7” Award has the caveat that you give links to 7 of your own posts.  And, as I was reading some of my older posts, I realized I ain’t as funny as I think I am.  Which is quite disappointing.  I crack myself up while I’m typing every day.  But I was wincing more than cracking as I read over some of my work.  Quite frankly, I don’t know how you People put up with me – especially on the days when I don’t post Wonderbutt pictures.

Most Popular AND Most Surprisingly Successful – Pretty much any post that gets more than 2 comments surprises me with its success.  By some fluke, this one has gotten over 1,000 views so far.

Most Underrated – I am putting this one primarily because the number of Wonderbutt fans has grown astronomically, and this early post includes a video of him channelling Stevie Wonder.

Most Controversial – None of my posts have lit a fire under anyone’s bottom, as far as I know, but this is one of the ones I was afraid to publish because of the number of Facebook acolytes out there.

Most Beautiful – The writing isn’t beautiful, but the sentiment is somewhat attractive (a tribute to my sister, Crash).

Most Helpful – This is sage advice for anyone trying to lose weight.

Most Prideworthy – I am proud of this one because it’s when I finally confirmed that I am a horrible mother.  I’m not proud of being horrible – just that I am aware of it.

And here are the 7 blogs that I highly recommend:

Mightier Than the Pen

I’m on the Bandwagon

Something New Please

Blue Speckled Pup

Reasonably Ludicrous

An Exercise in Narcissism

Life with Olive

I think all of you are wonderful – particularly now that I’ve been re-reading my own blather.

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