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I Hope to Win the Craftsman Cup of Carpentry

I have been a bit remiss in replying to comments, but I’ve been even worse about keeping up with awards, lately – which is completely unlike me, I assure you.  The only reason that I have not been bombarding you with all of my recent accolades is because I have been trying to build a new shelf for displaying the abundance of  honors that have recently been flooding my inbox.  If you have visited my WhatILOVE2ShowOff Page (there is a link at the top of the site in case you didn’t notice), then you have seen that my first awards shelf is full.  I played with the idea of renting out a few billboards to display my newest acquisitions, but I don’t want to make you drive all over the United States looking for them.  So, I settled for cobbling myself a new shelf.  And, despite my many obvious gifts and talents, construction has taken a bit longer than I anticipated.

Anyway, the shelf is now done, and it shall be placed on my WhatILOVE2ShowOff Page without delay.

Oops, where are my manners?  Here is the link to the page in case you want to stalk visit it on a regular basis.


Oh, yes.  I should probably thank the people who recognized my great talent and bestowed these honors upon me along with the appropriate fanfare.

First off, we have the Reader Appreciation Award given to me by Aja at Writing and Recovering.  If you, too, are interested in being an appreciated reader, check out Aja’s first published book on Amazon, By the Light of the Moon!

Next, we have the Inspiring Blogger Award from Collies of the Meadow (and Chuck).  Our favorite pack of dogs also awarded us the Sunshine Award, which is on our other awards shelf.

Bassa, the most beautiful and intriguing Caucasian Shepherd in the world, gave us the You Make Me Shine Award.

I mentioned the next one on the shelf once already, but it bears repeating – thanks to Nicole at The Middlest Sister for our Wonderbutt avatar.  It almost helps us to overlook the fact that she now has 5,000 subscribers and we only have 3.

And last, but not least, we have the Hot Potato Award, passed on to us by our favorite pair of poodles, Bella and Didi, at Paws to Talk.

Now, if you are familiar with blogging awards, you know that they often come encumbered with a bunch of requirements.  I am a rule-follower, and I dutifully adhere to all requirements.  But Wonderbutt ate them.  O.K.  Fine.  He did not eat them.  If you are familiar with me, you know that I pay no attention to blog award requirements. This may be considered rude by some, but I like to think of myself as a Blog Robin Hood who takes from the rich and selflessly gives everyone else the biggest gift of all – Time.  With that in mind, thank you and good night.

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