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Happy Synchro de Mayo!

I was sneaky today, and did not tell you in my post title that this is one of my monthly Dead Rubber posts. For the uninitiated, Dead Rubber means boring, I really do try not to post anything boring but this is what I like to call my posts that are done “on the fly” – so to speak.

It’s Cinco de Mayo here in Texas, which sounds like a holiday adopted from another country, and it is. However, we like to take minor holidays from around the world and make them into bigger events in Texas because, well, everything is bigger here.

Anyway, if you’ve read my posts on my daughter’s favorite past time, synchronized swimming, then you can probably guess what I am doing this weekend from the photos below. This has made my Dead Rubber post a necessity today. I thought you might like to see that synchro teams have a sense of humor, though you can judge on your own how good it is…




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